Echallenging Assignment in Management - Design Thinking

General Instructions:

a) This assignment is for me, a full-time UG student at a reputed Australian University.

b) The course is "Design Thinking - Entrepreneurial Innovation"

c) There are sample PDFs attached to get the structure of the presentation with a maximum of 8 PowerPoint slides required initially (Example are given in 1 to 4 pdf files). The first assignment should follow this attached sample structure.

d) There are 3 reading materials attached on "Design Thinking (Reading 1 to 3 pdf files)".

Assignment specific instructions:

a) The Assignment Tasks, in short, is called AT.

b) AT-2, AT-3, AT-4, AT-5 are required.

c) Each of the ATs will have "Journals" which carries equal marks as much AT. These Journals are called AT 1.1, AT 1.2, AT 1.3 and AT 1.4 (Four Journals corresponding to AT2, AT3, AT4 and AT5).

d) AT-2 to AT-5 correspond to the stages of the "Double Diamond" design thinking process.

e) What is required within the next 3 working days is AT-2 and AT-1.1.

ATs in detail:

a) AT 2 covers the "Discover" stage, where we gather information about the organization, it's context, and above all, it's stakeholders' needs. The goal is to identify real problems from their experience.

b) AT 3 covers the "Define" stage, where we decide which problem we will be looking to solve and how we think we can solve it, gathering additional information to reduce uncertainty related to the problem we have chosen.

c) AT 4 covers the "Develop" stage, where we devise a potential solution to the problem and develop simple tangible representation (or "Prototype"). The goal is to have something we can share with it's intended users to receive feedback and pathways for improvement.

d) AT 5 covers the "Deliver" stage, where we present our proposal and how it will provide value to the organization, including ways it could be implemented. The goal is to demonstrate how it would help them to address the challenge they have set out.

e) AT-1 as mentioned above (consists of parts 1.1 to 1.4 corresponding with AT2 to AT 5) is a Journal of the process you have gone through in tackling the challenge. AT-1 focus on

(i) demonstrated use of the Design Thinking tools from the handbooks provided,

(ii) a critique of what you think went well or could be improved, and

(iii) a reflection on how you see yourself using the tools again in the future.

Each (AT-1.1, AT-1.2, AT-1.3 and AT-1.4) part corresponds to one of AT 2 to 5, and is due shortly after the Assessment is delivered.

Therefore each of the AT-1 (Journals) are as important as AT-2 to AT-5.

What is required within the next 3 days is AT-2 and its corresponding AT-1.1.

AT-2 (called Stakeholder Map) structure is the one given in the attached four Example PDF slides.

Example 2

The Theme of the Assignment:

The themefor the assignment is free for the student to choose. You can choose any challenge that requires a creative solution and fit into the above guidelines and structure.

Important Points to Note:

a) As mentioned above, this will be an ongoing assignment. Initially, only AT2 and AT1.1 is required.

b) Each of the ATs will have 6 to 8 slides and 8 to 10 references.

c) Each of the journals can be a part of the slide presentation or a flow chart or a neatly handwritten one.


You will see this is a challenging assignment.

Let me know your initial thoughts on this how will you go about this and what theme or issue you are going to take for this.

And then provide the quote first for AT-2 and AT-1.1 factoring that this is the first order and a large one at that

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