Engineering Competency Report Example

Engineering Competency Claim (EA7 Meet Legal and statutory requirements)

Student Name: Mark Clarke Student Number: 61033738

Project Title: Thermal Coal Plant Underground Cable Installation Project

Dates: Jan 2014 to July 2014

Supervisor: Wayne Gould


  1. Brief description of the project

During an audit at Blackwater Mine the Mines Inspectorate identified a potential hazard at the Thermal Coal Plant (TCP) and advised that a 22000V Overhead Power Line (OHPL) crossing directly overhead the Dozer wash bay was a potential hazard. The Mines Inspectorate requested BMA to provide a plan as to how this hazard will be addressed.

The purpose of the project was to design and install an underground High Voltage Cable to eliminate the risk of electric shock while cleaning the Dozers.

  1. My involvement in the project

I was responsible for the development of the scope of works, engineering design, and removal of the existing overhead power line and installation of the new underground HV cable.

  1. The Elements I will demonstrate in this ECC are:
Code Description
EA7.1 Help in negotiating equitable ways to share any costs and benefits
EA7.2 Identify and comply with the codes, standards of compliance
EA7.3 Draft commercial contracts
EA7.4 Seek advice, rulings or opinions to ensure your understanding is up-to-date.
EA7.5 Practise within legal and regulatory requirements.
EA7.6 Negotiate appropriate approvals from authorities for engineering activities.
EA7.7 Protect intellectual property
MEP4.1 a. Defines the nature of problems.
Accesses information
b. Outlines a number of relevant problem solving techniques.
c. Develops solutions to engineering problems.

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I implemented various Australian standards to design the new substation and replace old equipment. Moreover, I implemented IEEE and ASTM standards to produce accurate electrical designs and performed verification of the system using these standards. I followed AS standards to prepare technical drawings, graphs, simulations, tests, and electrical calculations. I also implemented Queensland Safety Act 2002, Work and health safety Regulation 2011, and Environment Protection act throughout this project.

I performed switchgear installations in this project and prepared an installation schedule to guide the proper installation of switchgear equipment and without dismantling existing components and facility’s security. I reduced the switchover periods and the required downtime for efficient working of the unit. I employed local coordination standards of PSE&G to carry out this procedure. I arranged an emergency generator for emergency shutdown situations and recorded important data in the reports. During this project, I also performed calculations to find out total load requirement of the substation. I also calculated the surge impedance of 22 kV/415V lines and determined the total distance between the new substation and nearby power generation station.

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