Engineers Australia Stage 2 Competency Example

Engineering Competency Claim (EA6 Identify, assess and manage risks)

Student Name: Mark Clarke Student Number: 61033738

Project Title: Tramp Iron Magnet Installation Project

Dates: Dec 2015 to June 2016

Supervisor: Wayne Gould


  1. Brief description of the project

Two portal reclaimer’s conveyors did not have tramp iron magnets protecting the conveyors from the damage caused by tramp iron. An incident occurred when tramp iron was transferred along one of the conveyors onto the train load out conveyor where it became logged in the feed chute damaging 250m of the conveyor belt.

This event resulted in a 71 hr breakdown causing the cancellation of 8 trains and diversions of 7 trains. During this time, no coal was able to be transferred from Blackwater Mine

  1. My involvement in the project

I was responsible for development the business case, capital approval documentation, scopes of work, detailed engineering design, installation and commissioning of the two new tramp iron magnets.

  1. The Elements I will demonstrate in this ECC are:
Code Description
EA6.1 Identify, assess and manage risks
EA6.2 Establish and maintain a documented audit trail of operational changes
EA6.3 Follow a systematic method; work in consultation with stakeholders
EA6.4 Assess the likelihood of each event, and the consequences
EA6.5 Devise ways to influence consequences to minimise costs and consequences


I explained the criticality of each interface deliverable according to the project requirements and monthly risk management report. In this report I demonstrated the risk and their relevant project milestone, risk progress (i.e. closed risks, open risks, impacted risks), and the relevant mitigation and contingency plan, the risk owner and risk action owner performances toward the proposed response actions, the criticality of these actions, and risk management commentary and recommendations.

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I mitigated the risks associated with my project activities. Due to lack of agreement on commercial strategy with contractors, there was a risk of demobilization of contractors resulting in reduced productivity and delays to the schedule. I adopted a mitigation strategy through implementing a resolution committee with the necessary mandate and authorities to reach amicable resolution on disputed items. I implemented a measurement strategy to address outstanding claim items and performed the on-going resolution of variations. I prepared the arbitration for variation orders that could not be resolved. I made sure that the proper alternatives were ready and officially assigned prior taking the decision of de-scoping the works. I conducted an appropriate technical pre-qualification assessment to any alternative. I also evaluated the rough magnitude of expected abortive/additional works being encountered and shared it in a comprehensive report.

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I monitored the risks and checked the control measures. I checked that the control measures worked effectively or not for both operation and design. I made sure that the technicians actively involved in the process of risk management. In order to make the project hazard free, I provided training and instruction to the workers. In case of any problem, I reviewed the information at the point of risk management and made the decision to control the risk.

In addition, I assessed the health risks associated during operation to the operator. I also analyzed the likelihood and its probability of certain event and the impact of that event on operator. I valued Safety at all times, gave HSE safety talk and instilled the safety culture among the employees by setting examples. I made a tool and note down all the possible project risks in a tabular form on MS Excel.

I designed and installed a fire protection system, first thing that I do before designing was figuring out the fire resistance rating and building rating by considering the height, fire risk, evacuation and rescue difficulties. Based on building’s fire resistance ability and specification, I selected proper fireproofing material for partition walls, windows and doors.

Engineers Australia Stage 2 Competency Example

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