Essay Writing On English The Global Language For Business

Write an essay of 1000 (+/-10%) words about the following:

English has become the global language for business. Identify 3-4 problems that this creates for the day-to-day running of businesses. Evaluate whether these problems outweigh the benefits of using English for international business.

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• In addition to Rogerson-Revell (2007), you should cite at least three other academic sources. These should be academic references such as web- or paper-based journal articles.
• In addition to academic references, you may also use quality non-academic references. Non-academic sources include substantive journals, newspaper/magazine articles, or books for a general readership. N.B. Wikipedia and online blogs are NOT appropriate references.
• Either the Harvard or APA referencing style may be used in your response (not both). Please use one style consistently in the correct alphabetic format and with the correct words italicized.

• All work is to be typed (1.5 line spacing) and in 12-point Arial font.

• The word limit does NOT include the reference list.

• Do not use a cover sheet.
Using English for international business: A European case study.

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