Hero And Zero Moments Reflection Writing

Life pertains to the significance of living, everyone in this world have their own purpose of their existence. Different cultural have their own ideological backgrounds. If one focus on positive things only good deeds will be rewarded, if one thinks that life is all about finding your own way then that is all it is about. In life most of the time people goes through positive and negative moments because life is composed of full of ups and downs but we must always build positive attitude towards Life. I have listed three hero and zero moments of my life as below:


  • Achieving Success

In today’s competitive world, education is the most essential requirement of every individual, Education is very important for every one of us. Proper and good education facilitates quality learning all through the life at any age group, religion and regions. Looking into the importance of Education, I in the year 2007 decided to continue my study by enrolling in continue Education evening class. I along with other civil servant took the evening class. It was one of the Heroic moments in my life because during those days, I had 4 year old daughter who was in Kindy and additionally I was working full time from 9 AM till 5 PM. After office I used to go direct to my evening class every day for 2 hours. I studied for two years without giving up on my dreams. And luckily in the year 2009, I was selected among 500 civil servants to study Bachelor of Commerce at Gaedu College of Business Studies for the period of three years. And I was the first civil servant from Finance Ministry who was qualified for this full Scholarships program. Additionally I was paid attractive salary packages with two bedroom house by the government. But during those days I used to feel sorry for my family, because by the year 2009, I had my second baby and it was really very tiring for me and my family to spent time together. I felt very sorry for them when I couldn’t spend time with my children especially when I come across full time mothers. Especially seeing them preparing breakfast for their children and eating lunch with them during school hours was what I too wanted to do but didn’t had enough time. I during that time thought that am I doing right by focusing too much on my career only.

  • Social Learning

Observational Learning is learning after observing the behavior from others. I learned Driving after observing from others especially while driving to work with colleagues and from my brother who used to pick and drop me to the office. Observational learning is presumed to have occurred when an organism copies an improbable action has observed and the matching behavior cannot be explained by an alternative mechanism.

As per the study it is known that Observational learning differs from imitative learning where it doesn’t require a duplication of behavior. As a learner, in the year 2009 I started to learn driving by asking the people who have been driving for ages and watching how they drive. I had that heroic feeling by knowing that it was very easy to learn from others if you have that patience of observation. Although it was time consuming it took almost a year where I felt one time that I am such a loser for taking a year. But the moment when I decided to drive myself without taking any driving training classes it was very easy. You just need to understand and have patience to learn new things.

Expert also have described that observational learning is more beneficial when there are positive, reinforcing peer models involved. Although individuals go through different stages of learning: attention, retention, production and motivation.

  • Voluntary Work

Helping people who are in need not only benefit them but it also helps us to understand the meaning of life and our responsibility. As per Anne Frank, “No one has ever become poor by giving”. Keeping this quote in my mind in the year 2011 during my college days I donated blood to six year old girl that was suffering from very chronic disease and was in immediate blood transplant. I believed that our purpose in our life shouldn’t focus on staying happy only so we as a human being need to useful to other human being too. After the successful blood transplant, I saw the girl was healthier as compared to a week ago and that time I felt myself very helpful. We shouldn’t wait for good things to happen so I always advise my friends, colleagues and family that the best way to stay happy and cherish your moments is to do it now.

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  • Unsuccessful Selection Process

Bhutan is a small and the happiest country which is land locked between two gigantic countries, china to the North and India to the South. In Bhutan, in order to get government job every graduate need to go through the Royal Civil Service Examination. The main objective of conducting this exam is to ensure to have compact, competent and dedicated civil service. Due to number of increase of graduated passing every year Royal Civil Service Commission selects the best of best candidate for the civil service post.

Needless to say, I did sit for this exam after my graduation in the year 2012 but it was one of my biggest zero moment in my life. I faced biggest obstacle in my entire life, I failed my Preliminary exam. After the result I couldn’t sleep for many months and I shut myself from my friends, social media and office. I couldn’t take the loss because I worked for 3 months preparing myself for this exam.

As stated by C.S Lewis, “Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement”, I had to admit my failure and had to understand that somethings can’t be under your control. No matter how much you work hard sometimes things won’t work like you have expected so I realized this after a year and took everything positively and decided to prepare for another round which was successful after a year.

  • Skills Development

Training program for an employee especially for the government employee is very important because it helps to strengthen employee skills in an organization. It helps bring all the employees to a higher level so they all have similar skills and knowledge. In the year 2013 after completing my graduation, I was working as a Program Officer for The World Bank Desk Office at Ministry of Finance. I alone myself used to work for two people because during that year one of our officer was on study leave. Additionally our employer asked us to apply for internship program which was scheduled for period of six months at Washington DC. During that time me and my junior employee we both applied for an open competition internship program. After a long wait for one month, my Junior employee was selected for the training program instead of me. This was one of the zero moment in my life, it was day I felt emotionally and mentally very hopeless and useless to know that my junior whose workload was less than me was my competitor. Life again shut me down because I used to work even during weekends for our government and sacrifice my families for these responsibilities. Moreover employees and people define themselves by failures also sometimes, if one have failure, and it leads to successful behavior too.

  • Biggest Failure

Accounting serves as the financial backbone of all the business around the globe. This day even to run a small business everyone needs data, records and reports, analysis, accurate information about assets and liabilities. Accounting is very important in any type of business activities. Knowing this, I decided to study Accounting as a major in the year 2009 and I did score good marks and I was more motivated to have higher level of education qualification in Accounting Field. In the year 2017, I opted to study masters in Professional Accounting but in the year 2018 during my second semester I couldn’t get through Accounting Process unit, it was one of the greatest failure in my life. I have never felt that low in my life when I score single marks in this unit in my midterm paper whereas in the year 2008 I was the topper in Accounting. But I am confident now that I can get through this failure also like earlier because I have overcome from fear of failure in my life lots of time. Each time I face the failure I convinced myself that I again need to make my new steps on the route to bigger goals. Failure should be our teacher not our undertaker.

Timeline for my Hero and Zero Moments







Sometimes in life you come across both success and failure at the same time. One of unforgettable moment I had was during the year 2007 where in other side was at peak of my career moving towards career achievement whereas in other hand I was losing my families time. I was so much bogged down with studies and couldn’t give mother love to my children’s, which was time that led from Hero to Zero moment.

The other side of hero and zero moment was during the year when I couldn’t get through Preliminary examination for civil service and after that failure I tirelessly took extra classes and got through the next selection round which led my Zero to Hero moment.

Reflect upon your Hero and Zero CV, your diary entries or any insight gained over the teaching period to enhance your understanding of yourself. The goal of a reflection is to gain insight to the lessons of your experiences. This is the most important part of this assignment. There are three components to the Reflection:

  • report,
  • analysis and interpretation, and


Report your findings about yourself. The activities, readings and questions are experiments that you conducted upon yourself. What happened when you undertook these activities, read the readings and answered the questions? Summarise and report these results from your diary entries.

Analysis and Interpretation:

You are expected to look back retrospectively at the results you reported. Adopt a high level view to tease out the patterns that exist in your experiences in the course. Apply course concepts to look at the Hero and Zero entries, and other diary entries you may have made to draw conclusions about your understanding of leadership, what it means to be a leader, your assessment of your leadership capabilities, assumptions that drive you, and default approaches to situations that may exist within you. Here are some starter questions to focus your analysis and interpretation. Please note that these are trigger questions only and are intended to aid your reflection. Do not use these trigger questions as headings, or structure your paragraphs around each of them.

  • Did you have difficulty identifying Hero moments? Why? What does that say about what you know about yourself? Similarly for Zero moments.
  • Are there patterns in your Hero and Zero moments? What is(are) the common element(s)? Note you can make comparisons between Hero and Hero moment, Zero and Zero moments as well as between Hero and Zero moments.
  • Why are they common?
  • Did you learn anything about why your Hero moments occurred? That is do you understand enough about them to reproduce them mindfully?
  • What are the key assumptions that drive your actions as a leader? Why do you hold these assumptions?
  • Do you have a default approach to problems?
  • Did this affect your Hero/Zero moments?
  • To what extent do you practice the capabilities of the DLM?
    • Are you a good Sensemaker? What evidence do you have?
    • Are you good at Relating? What evidence do you have?
    • Are you good at Visioning? What evidence do you have?
    • Are you good at Inventing? What evidence do you have?
    • Why do you rate yourself this way? Do you think your peers and subordinates would rate you the same way?
    • Did you treat an adaptive challenge as a technical challenge? Why?
  • Can you see patterns playing out in other parts of your professional or personal life?
  • How effective have you been?
  • How might you be more effective in your positions (or even in life)?


Having analysed your Hero/Zero moments, ask yourself what does this mean? Essentially, you are sensemaking your results and analysis. This answers the question of what have you learnt about yourself? This is a big picture perspective. You may find contradictions; you may find hidden strengths or unknown weaknesses. Link these insights back to the capabilities of the DLM i.e. the extent and quality to which you practice these capabilities.


The last part is to inform action. Having gained an insight to yourself, you need to develop

  • What have you done well and should continue to do?
  • What specific behaviour should you stop engaging in? Why?
  • What specific behaviour should you start engaging? Why?

In this last section, it is more than just 3 sentences. The identification of these behaviours should be flow from the data to your analysis and your interpretation. You must relate these actions back to the capabilities of the DLM.

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