HI5003 Economics For Business Assignment

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Assessment Instructions

Word Limit : 3000 words

This assignment aims to enhance students’ research and analytical ability through the application of their economics knowledge learned in the course unit to compose a company report.
The recommended assignment structure for final submission is as follows:
⎯ Table of content
⎯ Executive Summary
⎯ Introduction
⎯ Company background
⎯ Industry/sector background
⎯ The market structure of the industry/sector
⎯ Micro-economic and macroeconomic factors that influence demand for the company’s product(s) or services
⎯ Micro-economic and macroeconomic factors that influence supply of the company’s product(s) or services
⎯ Elasticity
⎯ Recent macroeconomic events that affected the industry/company and, Australia
⎯ Recommendations
⎯ Conclusion
⎯ List of References.
Note*: The structure content is not limited to the items listed above. Creativity for a better report structure is a key requirement.

Detailed requirements of the assignment

You are a group of advisors to the Management Board in your company with Headquarters in Australia. As advisors, you are first, required to conduct research on your selected sector/industry covering the previous 5-10 years. Second, you are required to present a company strategy to your Management Board and the Federal Government of Australia covering the next 5 years. Third, your Management Board requires you to present your findings and strategies and prepare a 3000-word market report.
Company Selection Guidelines
(i) Choose a company/firm of your choice.
(ii) The company/firm must be an enterprise based in Australia either as a national enterprise or a multinational subsidiary in Australia with headquarters abroad
(iii) Two groups MUST not research on an identical Company or firm
(iv) The Company or firm selection will be first come basis
(v) Send email to your Unit Coordinator for approval of the company/firm
(vi) Companies/firms selected will be posted in form of weekly basis announcement
(vii) Following (i) and (vi), before choosing identify that the company/firm is not identified before seeking approval.
(viii) 10% penalty will apply to those Group (s) with no company approval
i. if your company has many products and/or services, you can select a representative product/service to discuss for points (2); (3); (4); and (5).
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HI5003 Economics for Business
ii. This report should provide useful information for your company’s Management Board. It should use a variety of resources, including the textbook, newspapers, industry reports, the ABS website, and other sources.
iii. Furthermore, your report should include headings and sub-headings. It needs to be properly referenced using the Harvard style and at least 5 references.


Holmes Adapted Harvard Referencing
Student Assessment and Referencing Rules
Adapted Harvard Referencing Rules
Holmes has implemented a revised Harvard approach to referencing. The following rules apply:
1. Reference sources in assignments are limited to sources that provide full-text access to the source’s content for lecturers and markers.
2. The reference list must be located on a separate page at the end of the essay and titled: “References”.
3. The reference list must include the details of all the in-text citations, arranged A-Z alphabetically by author surname with each reference numbered (1 to 10, etc.) and each reference MUST include a hyperlink to the full text of the cited reference source. For example:
1. Hawking, P., McCarthy, B. & Stein, A. 2004. Second Wave ERP Education, Journal of Information Systems Education, Fall, http://jise.org/Volume15/n3/JISEv15n3p327.pdf
4. All assignments must include in-text citations to the listed references. These must include the surname of the author/s or name of the authoring body, year of publication, page number of the content, and paragraph where the content can be found. For example, “The company decided to implement an enterprise-wide data warehouse business intelligence strategy (Hawking et al., 2004, p3(4)).”
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