HRM703 Human Resource Management & Development-Work Till Yop Drop


‘Greg, I think we have a problem’, said Sharon, the Human Resource Director of a professional services firm with approximately 1200 employees.

‘We have had 23 percent staff turnover in the year that had just gone’. ‘We have had too many stress leave cases, and we are paying out too much to the employees’ assistance program because everyone is using it’. I am getting three visits a day from support staff who want to take leave their bosses who yell at them’. ‘The maternity leavers never return, the people who have kids never get to see them, and marriage is breaking down all over the place’. ‘And it is not just the younger ones, it’s the senior ones who pack and go.’

‘So? ‘That is the nature of our business’. ‘All our competitors are the same. ‘They get well paid’. ‘They get their annual holidays to recover’. ‘What else do they expect, said Greg. ‘Well, it’s time we look at what s behind it’. ‘Why would someone want to give up their weekends to come and work here? ‘I’ve seen people working 7 days a week for weeks at a time.’ I want to get to the root of this problem, and see what we can do to fix it’.

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“What do you want to find out, Sharon?’, asked Greg. ‘I want to know; don’t they have a life outside of work? Are they scared of their bosses? ‘Or is it all about billable hours so that one day they might get promotion?

Or, perhaps it’s driven by the customer service mentality we drive into our employees’ ‘What makes them work until three in the morning? ‘What is driving this madness to work till they drop?’Now, reflect on theories, concepts, including case studies discussed in class and answer ALL questions below.

QUESTIONS 5 marks each)

  1. Identify and discuss two key/contentious issues in this case study. Is it management problem or workers? Discuss
  1. Identify and discuss two potential cultural issues that may be causing these problems?
  1. From a HR perspective, what are two possible interventions you would consider to promote the situation?
  1. With 2 examples, how might you plan the transition for some of the bigger projects?
  1. If you were Greg, suggest two human resource strategy or initiatives would you adopt or recommend to resolve the problems and how?

‘Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement’

(Brian Tray)

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