Individual Report on Opera and Industry Trends - Assessment Task 2 Answers

Assessment Task 2: Individual Report on Opera and Industry Trends

This assignment is designed to assist students gain an understanding and appreciation of front office and housekeeping activities. This 2500-3000 words report is based on your reflection through the usage of the Opera software in this unit where you have to reflect on the usefulness of Opera in relations to the Guest Cycle. The second part of the report requires students to analyze emerging technologies impacting the management of Rooms Division operations.


Before starting this assignment, you should have read all assessment materials provided on Blackboard and consulted with your Lecturer for additional instructions and support. Please refer to the marking rubric for this assessment on Blackboard to see marking criteria and achievement expectation.

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Part 1:

You are required to focus your analysis on using Opera for this unit.

You will be required to discuss the following:

1.Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using the Opera software.

2.Discuss ten useful functions of Opera that you made while using Opera and how this supported the guest cycle. Please clearly stipulate the Opera functions (e.g. performing a quick check in). Explain why they are good functions. Please provide Opera screenshots saved during the tutorial sessions as supporting evidence.

3.Discuss how you as a future hotel manager can develop a training program for your employees using the Opera software.

Part 2:

The role of technologies is vital to enhance customer service experience and business operation efficiencies. In addition, the impact of COVID-19 has seen a surge in contactless service interfaces where hotels have heavily relied on technology to deliver their operations.

You are required to analyse emerging technologies impacting the management of Rooms Division operations. You will be required to discuss emerging technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence and robots) that can be useful in the management of Rooms Division operations.The assessment should be2,500 -3,000 words (+/-10%) excluding references, and appendices.

Referencing should be in the APA Style (see Resources below for Tip Sheet). The report must be suitably referenced with a minimum of 10 academic references and may include photographs, maps, tables, diagrams, illustrations.Academic scholarly research or literature in this context includes published reference materials such as peer reviewed journal articles, textbooks and e-books, and/or reports.Any student who wishes to defer the submission of an assignment must apply to the lecturer before the due datefor an extension of the time within which to submit the assignment. The application must be in writing and must set out the grounds on which extension is sought.


Format:Report, 2500-3000words (+/-10%), MSWord,

New Roman 12pt font, 1.5 spacing.

Please include an ECU Cover Sheet at the start of the document.

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