Integrated Marketing Comms Case Study With Questions And Answers

Integrated Marketing Comms case study with questions and answers communications is a concept of advertising communications planning that makes out the additional value of an all-inclusive plan. This plan appraises the strategic roles of many different communications disciplines and integrates all these disciplines to provide transparency, consistency and better impact by the integration of separate messages. This kind of communication offers an approach in which there is a reliable message communicated to its buyers during the promotional period.

A comprehensive, integrated marketing plan can produce higher consistency in communications. It will also help build brand equity and get you more sales than before. Also, it will bring the business’s brand images and discrete messages together as they come through numerous company activities. Integrated marketing comms case study with questions and solution will help improve the company's ability to reach the target audience with a right set of messages in the right location at the right time. Groups within the subsidiary can work cohesively thereby fostering the group identity. This is mainly helpful for start-up businesses.

What does an integrated marketing communications plan do?

Integrated marketing communication is not something you can do overnight. Think more and undergo a comprehensive market analysis. Before going into that, you should have a better understanding of your company wherein you can construct a brand from. After that, you need to make better use of marketing tools to effectively implement your integrated marketing communications plan into the business market. Business is, it is imperative to have an integrated marketing comms case study with questions and answers plan to make your business succeed in all its attempts. The market and your target audience and build your business stays at the forefront of the competition.

Need for integrated marketing communications:

Let us discuss it, a mass market is fragmented into numerous smaller markets, and every mini market has its approach. Also, there is a rapid increase in the number of new sorts of media and undeniably consumers always come up with specific demands and sophistication needs. And consequently, marketers need to employ many different communication tools to deliver the messages to target audiences effectively. Also, they need to integrate personal as well as non-personal communication channels to attain maximum impact. So, it is essential for companies to make use of integrated marketing communications and have coordinated communication.

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There are mainly five tools of integrated marketing communications and are discussed below:


Advertising is the primary tool that will help your messages reach to millions of audiences effectively through a medium like radio, television, newspapers, magazines, internet and other mobile communication devices. Even though it is quite expensive, this approach can reach infinite n number if consumers effectively within a short period.

Sales promotion:

This is accomplished by making use of contests, coupons, premiums, samples, incentives, demos, displays, etc. It helps speed up short-term sales by effectively promoting brand awareness and encourages buyers to come for the same product again and again.

Public relations:

This kind of tool is initiated by public events, press releases, public appearances, or promotional events to build trust by introducing the product/service, company and other related things to the external world.

Direct marketing:

This sort of communications tool makes use of emails, catalogs and encourages an immediate response to television and radio and reaches target audiences successfully. These prompt responses, in turn, will increase your sales and examine your new products/services and marketing strategies.

Personal selling:

This IMC tool initiates setting up sales appointments and meetings, parties and making better communications to reach your target audience and make the relationship between you and your clients stronger.

Boost up your sales!

An integrated marketing communication plan should involve all the essential aspects of marketing and transparently communicate your messages. The challenge here is the development of successful marketing communication programs to market new technology commercially. As a marketer, you need to employ a wide range of communication channels to reach the target audiences, and integrated marketing communication solutions use the potential of many different media vehicles to entice numerous potential clients.

Integrated marketing communications case study with questions and answers will significantly help you reach various customers by creating brand awareness, attention, and desire for your product/service. It will then lead to an excellent climax action on the part of the consumer, and that is the purchasing of your product. A properly executed integrated marketing communications case study with questions and answers will create a competitive advantage for businesses that intend to boost up their sales and profits.

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