Internet of Things Case Study With Questions And Answers

The Internet of things case study with questions and answers is slowly making inroads in this digitized world. The extensive research is bearing fruit now with all the major service providers opting to the internet of things for their new technological changes. Internet of things case study has become essential for the Internet of things case study with questions and solution sector studies and are considered as the new wave in the way items are manufactured and maintained in the future.

  • IOT is the network of extending internet connectivity to devices, vehicles, home appliances, and many others to connect, interact and exchange data.
  • The concept of the IOT started in the 80s has now made their presence felt well across the world.
  • The future of digital technology in the electronic, and software fields are going to be focused more on IOT in the future.

Internet of things case study questions and answers:

IOT case studies could be about applying IOT to home, enterprises, hotels, parks, towns and many. To understand the IOT case study, it is better to have an Internet of things. The following are few for better knowledge of IOT:

What is extended internet connectivity in IOT?

IOT involves extending internet connectivity beyond standard devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones, and tablets to any range of non-internet-enabled physical devices and day to day things like home appliances.

What are the different categories of applications of IOT?

The uses of IOT are unlimited in future and as of now divided into the following four categories:

  1. Consumer
  2. Commercial
  3. Industrial
  4. Infrastructure

What is home automation?

Home automation by IOT will serve energy with automatic switching of the electrical appliance if not in use and also for any other medical facilities for elders to make smart homes in future.

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What are the uses of IOT in healthcare?

The best of IOT is happening in the medical field. The HIM or the Hospital Information Management is the biggest beneficiary of IOT.

  • They help in transforming paper records into digital ones by embedding the IOT devices in medical appliances.
  • They also help patients in many ways including pressure & sugar monitoring and also for necessary assistance like pacemakers.
  • IOT helps in connecting the medical records all over the world and for day to day reference for better medical treatment.
  • The uses of IOT in healthcare have made it possible to become Smart care for the advantages of patients, doctors and hospital management as a whole.
  • With IOT, it is estimated by Goldman Sachs that nearly 300 billion dollars can be saved annually in America alone with the help of IOT in healthcare.

How could IOT helpful in societies?

The case study on a small town for estimating the uses of IOT lead to surprising results. The IOT devices fixed in the public lightings, water supply, transport monitoring including the parking, traffic lights, and many more gave unexpected results. The amount of money and human effort were reduced drastically and could be of serious help for any administration of any place in any demographical location to be benefited from it. The timely analysis of any wastage and illegal uses could be monitored and corrected promptly for making this world a better place to live.

How is IOT helpful in the retail market?

IOT enhances retail marketing by bringing in innovations, additional profitability, complete customer satisfaction, and overall efficiency. This is done by in-store experience with trusted Analytics Platform, and this enables to foresee future purchasing behaviors with the data crunching by analytical tools of IOT.

How is IOT benefiting financial services?

With IOT, customer case studies can be done in big data. The data-centric infrastructural solutions digitalized biometric signature solution, and many more could change the future of financial services.

How could a building have made into a smart building with IOT?

The modern-day IOT devices could change any building into Smart building in the following ways:

  • Changes the structure to be eco-friendly for a better tomorrow.
  • Helps in better service management to the building.
  • The temperature and the atmospheric condition of the building could be under proper control at all times with fixed IOT devices.

How is IOT transforming transport system?

With inter-connected transport, IOT will remote control transport systems. The controlled atmosphere in the transport world could bring in minor accidents and better living conditions for the public.

The high Internet of things case study with questions and answers will be helpful in case studies of IOT in various fields.

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