ISYS301/ITEC601 Enterprise Systems Integration-MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY

Project Brief (4 marks)

Describe on:

your group meeting schedule or plan each member’s role in the project - identifying risks and ways to manage risks, ways to communicate between members, and a log recording each meeting, discussion and dialogue between members about the project.

Note: all members need to contribute to the project, and the description and log need to be submitted together with the four tasks.

Task 1 (4 marks)

Suppose you are developing an online vehicle rental service (e.g.

The rental service allows a person to specify the location, the date of picking up and dropping off location the vehicle and some other special requirements as well. And there is a need to generate a list of vehicles indicating the profiles of the vehicles and the total amount of car rental. The user then can pick up a vehicle to proceed with the vehicle rental.

You are required to:
  • Find out the two necessary functions of a simple vehicle rental service;
  • for each of the above functions, write the input/output results
  • Take WSDL interface definition constructs to mention the above-identified functions with input/output messages

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Task 2

For the above outcome messages - make their XMLSchemas including the following points:

  • 2 different methods of mentioning complex types, one is defined inside the element and the other one is defining a complex type first, then (re-) using it as a complex of an element;
  • utilize constraints on the values of a simply typed element, on the occurrence of elements;
  • point out one XML schema, and construct a sample XML document.

Task 3 EAI (4 marks)

The Housing Office is an organization in Australia supporting low-income families to find Suitable government housing and managing payments. To assess an applicant’s eligibility and determine the rate, the applicant is required to obtain the relevant document from Centrelink ( Now both the Housing Office and Centrelink want to reduce the amount of time and money spent on hiring staff handling Applicant inquiries and claims. By allowing applicants to view their information and work out their eligibility and entitlements, to request changes, and make payments online, they will be able to cut back significantly on resource use by staff in local branches, and more importantly, help applicants make better-informed decisions. The objective is to allow policyholders to make decisions based on the housing support policy information stored in the databases in the Housing Office, as well as applicant information stored in the databases in the Centrelink offices.

Suppose an applicant wants to check her housing subsidy eligibility, the types of housing support one can apply for, the available housing in the desired area as well as rental availability. This request would need data from multiple disparate back-end systems from the Housing Office and Centrelink. In this case, there is a requirement to decompose a request into multiple requests to be sent to different back-end database applications, then gather the information sent back and assemble this information into the form of a single uniform response (recompose).

Therefore you need to:
  • Design simple schemas for the housing policies and customer databases and explain
  • what kind of integration technique you will be using? Assume the back-end databases are relational.
  • Design and draw a tiered EAI system that can handle this situation and how users can gain direct access to business applications and data.
  • Explain how queries will be decomposed and replies recomposed. You can make the necessary assumptions.

Task 4 (4 marks)

Purchasing via an e-commerce website (e.g. can be seen as a complex business process. Users who want to select and buy products can use the catalog to find the right product to purchase. Users can choose different payment methods such as Paypal, credit cards etc., and separate shipping options for items such as mobile phones and books and so on. you can use Use Workflow to design this online purchase business. One needs to indicate possible web Services that can be utilized in this process. Note: you do not need to provide any detailed specifications of workflow and web services, instead you need to draw: the ordered elements business process, the possible web services involved and how they are linked in the workflow process. Submission: one submission per group, together with the project

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