ITC Project Management Case Study With Questions And Answers

ITC Project Management Case Study With Questions And Answers RALS (Riverina Agriculture and Lifestyle Show) is three days event held every single year established by the BT & Sons Farming Equipment. This company is also called Globex cooperation. The ITC Project Management case study with questions and answers exhibits the business dealings of local farmers, types of equipment of agriculture and lifestyle products used by them. A community committee is responsible for the coordination in show stand, demos, live shows, catering services and volunteers. The amount gotten from the event is donated by the indigenous community volunteers (ICV) to the Riverina area people. Ticket sale fixes the generated amount.

Overview of the project:

Tickets are generally bought from the RALS gate which gets considerable delays on the opening time. The selling process of the cards is considerably less when the crowd is more because it causes the group to pass the gate without tickets. While at the peak time, it is quite challenging to check the cards from each visitor and some may cross the barrier without having the ticket at hand. To maximize the sales and improve the ticketing process, it is decided to contract out the ticket selling system to a third party.

The motive of the project:

Replacing the current manual system by formulating EITC Project Management case study with questions and answers system is the sole objective of this project. These ticketing systems will help in dealing with the opening days’ delays. The sales process is also increased with the help of an online ticketing system. With the help of computer-based ticketing system, one can easily access the ticket sale via online platforms like computers and mobile devices and help check the availability and make you book tickets before the event. To make your entry access easy, these tickets are digitally enabled, and the scanning of these tickets help you in collecting the reports obtained from the system.

Methods to communicate and share information:

The communication strategy should be developed with the help of team members, and it includes:

  • Arrange meetings and discussions and plan effectively
  • Making use of communicating channels to present and share information with others
  • Evaluating, administering, discussing with an expert team, reviewing the performances and reporting the solution right on time.

A project management consultant is responsible for coordinating and planning the ticketing system, formulating project timelines and arranging meetings. Making a meeting successful is an integral part of the ICT project management.  Your team goal is to accomplish the task of developing the online-based ticketing system.

Code of ethics:

The main principles are listed here:

  • Public interest on the formulated project
  • Complete focus towards the project by team members
  • Enhancing the quality of the project
  • Sincerity and competence behavior towards the project
  • Professionalism in the project till completion.

Rules and expectations:

  • Initiate the projects on time so that it will be completed soon.
  • Have a personal touch in sharing details like minimizing text in emails and during conflicts arises in meetings
  • Always stay active in responding to people
  • Establish clear expectations
  • Every single resource about the project should be placed at the right location
  • Authentic reasons should be provided if the meeting is unattended.

A communication plan should be made in such a way that communicates with the stakeholders. It also promotes a good relationship between stakeholders and sponsors. The program should be formulated with the help of team members. It includes two phases and is discussed below:

Step 1:

Here, you need to consider three things:

Budget – It involves the price estimation of the communication strategies to communicate with huge audiences.

Cooperation level – It includes the appropriate employees to handle the project effectively.

Administrating power – Organization should provide full support to the executives for planning and executing the communication plan.

Phase 2:

This phase includes all the essential elements of the communication plan.

Organizational objectives:

To provide a computer-based ticketing system to the people who wish to attend Riverina Agriculture and Lifestyle Show.

Target audience:

The message should communicate the show effectively and publicize the availability of the online-based ticketing system in press media.

Mode of communication:

The communicating mediums generally used are brochures, flyers, notes, etc. You can use both technical and non-technical tools like social networks, text messages, newsletters, and newspapers, etc.

Execution of communicating the plan:

The most excellent way to formulate a communication plan is to make a clear schedule that details the promotion date and all the relevant details for current and forthcoming communication plans.

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