JWI 520: People Management Assignment Answers

Assignment 3: Talent Engagement Exercise

IntroductionPart of the power of understanding your top employees as “Talent” is the ability to assess their potential in light of their performance and values. The use of a simple Talent matrix can make the assessment process very powerful. This process also helps you to analyze your team and to plan for management of each employee in the future.

Jack Welch believes that effective talent management requires you to divide up your people into three levels: the top 20%, the middle 70%, and the bottom 10%. It is important to provide leadership development options to the top 20% group early in their careers,since they will be your future leaders.

Four Quadrants Chart

One tool used to support the Welch approach to talent management is a matrix based on four different combinations of performance and values.To prepare for this exercise, look carefully at the Four Quadrants Matrix above;then read the sample Rationale statement on the next page.The Rationale describe seachemployee’s performance and level of alignment with the company’s core values and indicates the manager’s plans for supervising each employee in the future.

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This exercise is designed to give you practical experience in using the Four Quadrants Matrix to differentiate your employees and to make plans for managing them in the future.

Use the Four Quadrants Matrix above as frame work to assess your direct reports in your current work place.If you have no direct reports,use a group of individuals with whom you are familiar.Create a Talent Engagement Chart,like the sample chart below, with a row for each employee

  • Include an introduction and a conclusion
  • Include 4 to 6 employees from your workplace in your chart
  • List and clearly define the core values you will use to assess your employees
  • Use first names only and change the names if you wish
  • For each individual, create a row in the chart

Your task is to select one Quadrant for each employee and to indicate the placement that you chose in the Type column. Think carefully about the core values of your company and use them to assess these employees. Describe the company’ score values in your Introduction. Then write a Rationale statement of 4 to 6 paragraphs, explaining why you positioned each person in the selected quadrant, assessing their work and describing how well they align with the core values. Also indicate your plans for managing each employee in the future. In writing your Rationale,use the sample statement on the next page as a guide.Finally, in your Conclusion, sum up the benefits of using the Talent Engagement tool

Formatting Requirements

•Submission includes a Talent Engagement Chart, with a row for each employee

•The written exercise is typedanddouble-spaced, with a professional font(size 10 12)

•Includesa Cover Page with the assignment title, your name, the professor’s name, course title, and date •Includes an Introduction and a Conclusion

•Includes a Rationale statement of4 to 6 paragraphs

•The exercise text iswrittenin a formal manner, with correct spelling and grammar

•The Cover Page is notincluded in the required page length

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