Kallara Report Writing

You are required to provide Kallara Tea with a brief report containing:

  1. Four findings that would be of significant help in its decision-making about which country market to enter. Using data from the table above, write four paragraphs of 80-100 words each containing a finding that would be relevant to Kallara Tea’s plan to sell its tea in one of these countries. (3 marks each = total of 12 marks)
  2. A timeline graph of the percentage change in GDP from 2010 and 2020 for each country.

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Using the EIU Database available through the QUT Library, find the percentage change in GDP for Argentina and Brazil for the years 2010-2020. Export the data to Excel and construct a timeline graph. (Your graph must have a title, labels for both axes and its source must be given.) Copy your graph into the Word document, after Part A. (2 marks)

Referencing Styles: APA

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