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ASSESSMENT TASK 2 Workplace Task/Case Study


You need a copy of, or access to, an operational plan or you may wish to use the case study provided. You can use an operational plan that has been prepared for a specific project or an organisational operational plan. If you are using a very large operational plan you may decide to focus on only one section of the plan. You are required to implement your organizations operational plan or simulate the plementation of the same.

  • Complete the tasks as specified you may wish to use the templates provided.
  • If you are not sure about any aspect of this assessment, please ask for clarification from your facilitator.

Note: Ensure you gain organizational approval to use and release commercial information in your analysis of the operational plan and in your implementation plan.

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You need a copy of, or access to, an operational plan. You can use an operational plan that has been prepared for a specific project or an organisational operational plan or you may wish to use the case study provided below.

  1. Review the operational plan or case study. Make sure you understand the objectives of the plan or case study. Consult with those involved in the development of the plan to clarify any issues you may have. Once you have a firm understanding of the operational plan and the required outcomes, you will be ready to prepare your implementation plan.
  2. Prepare an implementation plan for the operational plan you have selected or use the case study provided to prepare an implementation plan. In the plan you must include:
  3. a) a list of all resources required including physical and human prepare a business case for each of the resource groups you require; for example, staff, IT equipment, and additional office/plant space and include a full costing for each of the resources required
  4. b) a plan for implementation of the operational plan including timelines and milestones
  5. c) a risk management analysis, incorporating: a prioritized list of risks identifying the likelihood of the risk occurring, the potential impact of the risk if it were to occur and a contingency plan for each identified risk (i.e. threats and opportunities).
  6. d) a recruitment plan for human resource requirements including task and position descriptions as required, an explanation of the methods that will be used to recruit staff and a contingency plan if staff with required skills cannot be sourced
  7. e) an induction plan for new staff
  8. f) a purchase plan for non-human resource requirements including how, when and where items will be purchased and (if appropriate) a comparison of prices from at least two suppliers
  9. g) a list of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you will use to measure the success of the implementation process, including both team and individual KPIs and how they will be measured and reported
  10. h) a communication plan to demonstrate the successful, appropriate and timely flow of information throughout the implementation process
  11. i) how will you monitor the plan? Outline any monitoring systems and processes that will be required.
  12. j) How might you consult with when preparing your operational plan? And at what stage/s is consultation important

Workplace Task/Case Study

Operational Plan case study


The Pitch

The business idea is as follows;

You want to start up a tour business that caters for MAMILs (middle-aged men in Lycra)

The idea is that, for a fee, you will arrange cycling tours in desirable (bucket list) locations, For Example

Tour of Tasmania in warmer months

In the more temperate months offer tours of wine regions such as Barossa and Clair Valleys in SA, or Margaret River Region in WA or Hunter Valley and surrounds in NSW

Tropical tours in the colder months e.g. the Daintree and Port Douglas region, etc.

The tours will accommodate approx. 20-30 cyclists at a time and will be fully supported by your team of tour coordinators and tour support teams.

You will market to MAMILs in your own capital city

You will equip a 6 Metre (20ft) shipping container to safely and securely transport their bicycles and equipment to the starting point for each tour and return everything to a central point back in their capital city at the end of the tour.

It is the responsibility of each MAMIL to drop off and pick up their gear at the central point in your capital city.

The duration of the tours will range from 7-14 days

Preliminary research on your part indicates that MAMILs would be prepared to pay in the range of $3-5K each for a tour.

The model that your tours will follow is;

The MAMILs pay their own travel costs to get to the start point of the tour and their return home at the completion of the tour.

Your tour team will provide a support vehicle to travel with the herd each day of the tour.

The tours will range from budget tours where the herd will stay overnight in camping and caravan parks along the way, to more up-market tours where they will stay in a hotel and or B&B style accommodation.

For the budget tours, you propose that your support vehicle provides a BBQ breakfast and evening meal at the camps.

The way you want to set up this new business is to develop a single but successful operation that services MAMILs in your Capital City. When you have the model running successfully you plan to franchise operations nationally and potentially internationally. Your goal is that in five years’ time you will be managing a group of franchises and have both a good income as well as a good work/life balance.

Business overview X YZ Enterprises is a small organization that has a core business of selling garden plant seeds by mail order. Orders are received by telephone or through the business’ website. XYZ Enterprises competes with all businesses that sell the same products, either through mail order or through shopfront retail outlets. This includes large companies, nurseries and seed wholesalers.

XYZ Enterprises’ customers are mostly from small rural communities where there are few or no shopfront retail outlets supplying seeds. XYZ Enterprises maintains a diverse range of seed varieties to provide customers with a wide selection.

 A key customer service performance objective is to dispatch the product within one working day of receiving the order. Orders are prepared and sent to the Post Office by 1:00 pm each day to ensure that overnight dispatch occurs.

XYZ Enterprises has a single CEO who has the responsibility to manage the overall business. Two supervisors report directly to the CEO. One supervisor manages orders and dispatch. The other supervisor manages marketing, seed stock supplies and decides the product range. At peak periods, three people are working in dispatch, but in non-peak times there are only two people. One person is working solely on marketing and sales catalog production. The CEO is responsible for all other aspects of the business. Outsourcing is used for accounting, web

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