Leadership and Organizational Behaviour Assignment Sample


Leadership is the ability of the person to manage the people in the organization and align their efforts towards the accomplishment of target goals and objectives. This way it is a process of inspiring others and applying sound decisions so that the business could maintain a steady pace of growth and development in the long run. The different kinds of leadership styles are laissez-faire, autocratic, participative, transactional and transformational. The organization behaviour is the study of the people within the organization. That is how they interact with each other and make attempts towards accomplishing organizational goals (Debrah & Ofori, March 2006, Vol 17 Issue 3).

Pedagogical aim:

Through these concepts, I can learn that it’s the leaders who are required by the organization to accomplish their target goals and objectives. They carefully go through the organization's behaviour and set the policies and procedures for the development and growth of the business.

Human Capital & Communication


Human capital is the human resource that the company deploys for meeting its day to day-to-day requirements of the business. Human resource management is therefore applied in the present day world to take care of the human capital which is a vital organ of any organization. Communication is made at regular intervals within the organization so that the conviction of the human resource can be attained. This way they will showcase their affirmation towards accomplishment of target goals and objectives for the organization. Communication also helps in understanding the ground situation and supports the information exchange process so that any conflicting situation can be identified well in advance and appropriate actions can be taken to deal with it (Cartwright & Holmes, 2006).

Pedagogical aim:

The study of human capital has helped in understanding the vital role of human resources within an organization. I learnt that the present-day organization is making sincere efforts to retain its human resources to avoid employee turnover. Communication is an important method that could help in getting a conviction of the human resource on any particular task.

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Prejudice in Organizations


The existence of prejudice in any organization is a factor that will affect the long-term business. Prejudice in the organization exists in the form of discrimination between the employees based on caste, colour, creed, favouritism etc. Prejudice in the organization could ignite anger, anxiety and embarrassment among the employees. The employees will start feeling delineated from the main course. Hence this will result in losing interest of the organization. There will be high employee turnover and the employees will avoid active participation in the day-to-day proceeds of the business (Abiodun, 2009).

Pedagogical aim:

The prejudice in the organization has revealed various facts about the organization. I learnt that the actions of discrimination could lead to various problems for the organization. An organization may face legal suit or have to suffer from high employee turnover. Therefore to avoid such happenings the company should work towards avoiding the application of prejudice within the organization.


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