Leadership Case Study Question Writings


  1. List 5 issues and/or education themes in this case study (full sentences with bullet points).

2. Select 3 of the issues raised and suggest how you might approach them. In your response refer to at least two leadership approaches from the assigned readings.

3. Describe 3 ideas of your understanding about the way in which a principal may approach his or her role as leader. What leadership theory/s do you think applies in this case?

4. The case study reveals the stakeholders’ divergent conceptions of student success. Highlight 2 of the different
conceptions and convictions of the stakeholders as they are presented in the case.

5. Consider what your change leadership approach will be and what other areas you will need to consider to achieve the change.

6. Do you think that emotional intelligence skills can be learned or developed? Or are these interpersonal skills innate?

7. How do you think emotional intelligence affects your leadership, particularly in change leadership? Can you connect ethical and unethical leadership to emotional intelligence leadership? Explain/Justify. Can unethical behaviour occur for a leader who has positive values and intentions?

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