Leading and Managing in a Global Environment Part B – A1 Assignment –Workshop Assignment

Assignment Instructions:

Assignment Reference LMGEB/StudentNumber/Jan21/A1
File Format Power Point/MS Office

Assignment Question:


You are required to compare and contrast the management of people within any TWO organisations with which you are familiar (i.e., for whom members of your group work or have worked in the past) with specific reference to issues concerning Leadership and Organisational Culture.

Having done the comparison, you then need to explain why there are differences between the two organisations in terms of arange of contingency variables.

The slide deck will need to blend together practical experience in your own organisations with the insights that can be gained using academic materials from the course

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Your group will make a slide deck equivalent to what you would deliverina 20 minute presentation thiswillequatetonomorethan16slides(excluding bibliography). You should make sure the following are covered in your slide deck:

  • Background:Brief background to the organisations,their strategy/goals,products/services, location and numbers employed (this of course can beanonymized);
  • Identification of key frameworks and ideas that are going to be used toc ompare and contrast the organisations;
  • Analysis and discussion of leadership and organisational culture. This will involve (i) using relevant concepts and frameworks from the course to analyse and describe the similarities and differences between the organisations on these topics and (ii) explain the similarities and differences in terms of a range of contingency variables (i.e.,factors that explain when processesvary between organisations such as sector/industry, organisational factors, national culture). (NB: this will constitute the main part of the slide deck and therefore the most important part in terms of the assessment);
  • Conclusions and any recommendations for change,improvement and/or learning that follow from your analysis and comparisons and contrasts.


  1. Your analysis must be theoretically driven and this must be clear using Harved method
  2. Use speaker note for more explanation
  3. Use attached reference . it is mandatory
  4. Your PowerPoint presentation must be high designed

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