Lean Tools Report Writing- Australian Institute of Engineering Assignment

For tasks, you are required to follow verbal or written instructions to determine task requirements. The Written Project is to be completed as part of your assessment for this unit. A timeframe will be set as to when the Written Project is to be completed and handed back to the Trainer for assessment. The observation will be recorded using the Checklist provided for each task.

When submitting the Written Project ensure that you have filled in your details, and also signed the Declaration which stipulates it is your work that you are submitting. Scenario: Lean workshop project A new owner is buying a small factory that currently produces 'small batch' cars (unique to customer needs). You wish to produce racing vehicles similar but smaller versions of Formula 1.
You want to introduce better up-to-date equipment and machinery to increase to the equivalent of twice the current capability and to world "Benchmark" best practice.

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*This is to happen over a period d 2years with an input of 2 million dollars over the duration.
1. The current business has the machines and systems you require but is running at a loss, so the owner is selling the entire factory, machinery, and stock with an office connection. 2. There are 15 workers in the field of vehicle manufacturing who know the machinery within the workshop (Both production and process machinery) so it would be useful to keep them. 3. Previously (A decade prior) the factory was profitable, but more competitive opposition companies are producing cheaper alternatives. 4. The current workers also believe they can call the shots and don't appreciate a new owner telling them how to run their workplace. 5. Machinery is also becoming inaccurate due to wear and neglect hence quality has meant that 15 % of vehicles completed require unscheduled maintenance within the warranty period. (2% is world standard) which has greatly affected the bottom line of the company.

Task 1:

For the scenario above discuss how following Lean tools could greatly help the new owner initially. (2000 words minimum)
Use the Internet — 'Businessballs similar as a source of information.
Lean Tools

1. 5S and 7Wastes+1

2. Non-value and value-adding processes

3. JIT and the importance of supplier-customer relationships.

4. Teamwork

5. Change management

6. Continuous improvement

7. Sustain process improvements

For this task, you must achieve the below list on your report

• Identify and clarify the task with your trainer

• Sources of information/data are identified and verified for accuracy

• Compile, record, or store all information that will be included in the report

• Submit on the given time frame given by your trainer

• Your report should be structured as below:

5- Title ➢


➢ Summary

➢ Body

➢ Findings


1. References

➢ Appendix Contents must be factual and achievable in real life Conclusion should discuss how following Lean tools could greatly help the new owner initially.
Use separate paper to submit the written project

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