MAN6325 Assignment - Assessment 2: Presentation

Value:10%of the unit

Format:Video presentation and report on team outputs and individual contribution

Due date & time:Week 10–see Blackboard for details

How to submit:Electronically, via Blackboard>Assessment folder > Assignments

Unit learning outcomes:

•Present project documentation and reports in written and oral formats to demonstrate excellence in project management.

Course learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate effective written, oral and non-verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrate effective teamwork skills including the ability to reflect on individual performance in a team.

PREPARATION This assignment has both group and individual components. All team members must participate.ASSIGNMENT

INSTRUCTIONS For this assignment, you will be required to create a video using Panopto, which is embedded in Blackboard. Please refer to Blackboard Helpfor detailed instructionson Panopto.Assignment 3 is the full written report on your project, with all the final details required for a comprehensive assessment of your performance as you project managed the Case Study. However for this assignment you are required to present a brief overview of your team's management of the project. You are near the end now, so this presentation will be an opportunity to outline what you anticipate in closing the project. It is also an important milestone to get feedback about how your team is going, so make sure you present your intended actions as well as your past performance as a team. That way you will be able to use the feedback to correct any potential omissions or oversights by making these changes in your final report. Rather than presenting it before a live audience, in keeping with current practice among geographically distributed workplaces, you will be compiling it as a video. This makes it much more flexible in terms of viewing –it could be accessed in the office, at the airport, or on a plane, and in any time-zone.The video should be no longer than 10 minutes, and should be styled in a similar way to an Executive Summary –a quick but informative overview for people who are time-poor.In the presentation it is all about being concise –this is your team's chance to highlight the key elements of the project and how youall managed it, how you worked together, what you achieved, what you missed, and importantly, what you learned along the way. In your presentation is a requirement that each team member contribute and share the delivery. It is also expected that each member will focus on two aspects –the team experience, and their own individual experience. The overview of the team experience will be divided among all of the members, while each person's individual experience will illumine the different (or similar?) ways that people function in a project management environment.The specifics arein the main report, so there is no need to go into great detail in the presentation video. Pictures, graphs, tables, and bullet points are a good way to cover a lot of information in a short space of time. The other trick in the presentation is working out what to leave out –there is no time to cover everything, so what are the most important points that your team really has to get across?

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MAN 6325Project ManagmentCapstone | Page 2In all of this, perspective is also required the team report and individual reflection are together worth 70% of the total for the unit, and it is mandatory to pass the team report whereas this presentation is worth 10%, with no mandatory requirement to pass it, but it is still important, especially in terms of feedback so your team needs to budget the time appropriately.

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