Management of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Wider Business Environment

Unit: Managing Corporate Responsibility in the Wider Business Environment

Learning Outcomes

Assessment Criteria

1. Understand the wider implications and effects of global integration on


1.1explain the effects of globalization on national economies

1.2discuss the influence of international institutions on organizations

1.3explain the role and responsibility of European Union membership in the workplace

2. Understand the importance of responsible corporate governance in


2.1explain the importance of responsible corporate governance in organizations

2.2analyse the regulatory requirements that shape corporate governance and evaluate the impact of regulatory requirements on corporate stakeholders’ interests in an organization

3. Understand the

effects of environmental legislation, directives and guidance on


3.1discuss the economics of adopting a policy of environmental awareness in organizations

3.2explain the actions that need to be taken by organizations to maintain the environment

3.3describe the measures that exist to improve workplace health and safety practice

4. Understand the socio-cultural, ethical and moral issues that affect organisations in the current economic


4.1analyse the responsibilities of organizations to improving workforce welfare

4.2compare approaches to the management of diversity in organizations

4.3compare organizational approaches to ensuring positive policies of workforce diversity

Purpose of this assignment

Students will understand the consideration of the common interest in organizational decision-making impacts on the triple bottom line people, planet, and profit of organizations.

The assignment is divided into 2 components: Presentation with Group report per group (Component 1) and Individual Report (Component 2).


LO Learning outcomes

Task 1: Presentation and group report (2500 words)

(LO1 to cover)

Choose a European Multinational Company and explain how it has been affected (positively and negatively) by the process of Globalisation.

Task 2: Individual Report(3500 words)

(LO2, LO3, LO4 to cover)

Using the same company, you will conduct a critical analysis of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy.

Chosen European Multinational Company: Volkswagen


(i) Include an overview of the company you have selected in your report

(ii) There should be a logical flow in your arguments. The structure of your report MUST NOT BE BASED ON ASSESSMENT CRITERIA in a systematic way but should cover the 3 criteria throughout the report.

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