Marketing Plan for a Client Organization


DESCRIPTION Instructions: For this assessment, you are required to develop a marketing plan for a client organization (12 pages maximum). The client company will be given to you. Your plan will be underpinned by sound research and demonstrate thoughtfulness, and understanding of marketing issues, notably customer engagement and social media marketing, and have an implementation plan to show how the organization should proceed. The contents of the plan will vary depending on the selected client and the client’s requirements, but a typical report will consist of the following: An executive summary A brief description of the organization Summary of its current marketing strategy.

A profile of the target market for the product or service (i.e., geographics, demographics, psychographic, and behavioral variables) A competitor analysis select two (2) competitors. As part of the competitor analysis, you need to compare and contrast the companies' social media use and customer engagement strategies. What are their objectives? Are their strategies effective in terms of encouraging trial, raising brand awareness or deepening customer engagement? Which company has a higher ‘social currency’ or ‘social presence’ based on your analysis? A strategic analysis of how one (1) environmental force affects the industry. You select one (1) element only from the PESTLE (political, economic, sociocultural, technological, legal and ecological) framework.

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HINT: You must think about the implications of environmental change for marketing strategy. For instance, marketing professionals are expected to be up-to-date on technology (such as Snapchat or new apps) and be competent in terms of assessing its use and relevance for engaging customers. They must be aware of new technologies and provide leadership and advice on how they can best be used to effectively grow the business. The creation of a new, customer engagement strategy, using social media networks, where appropriate. A marketing budget is required to implement the new campaign; and, An implementation and control strategy. Useful Information: Be creative, and clever but also realistic in developing your plan. Prepare the report as if you were going to be presenting it to the organization you have chosen. The intention is to create a plan that the organization could implement.

Referencing Styles: APA

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