Marketing Plan for Sanitarium Product/Service Weet Bix

Based on the Task 1 define the marketing objective for the marketing plan for Sanitarium product/ service Weet Bix.

Your research methodology should cover the following areas

  • Define two Marketing objectives

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Step 1: Segmentation (10 Marks) LO2

Based on the data collected by market research identify the different segments of the Auckland market using segmentation theories.

Step 2: Targeting (8 Marks) LO2

Develop the targeting strategy for an above-identified market segment and explain the effect of it on Sanitarium's market performance.

Step 3: Marketing Mix (8 Marks) LO2

You are requiring using the information from Task 1 and the above market research findings to develop the marketing mix for Sanitarium to achieve the above-defined marketing goal.

Step 4: Positioning Strategy (5 Marks) LO2

You are required to use the marketing mix information to develop the Positioning strategy for Sanitarium to position its existing product “Weet Bix” in the mind of the newly identified target market in Auckland.

Step 5: Implementation Plan (25 Marks) LO2

You are required to provide an action plan for the best possible strategy of your choice. Your action plan should be focused on tasks involved in implementing the strategy, people accountable for tasks, allocated budget for tasks and the time frame too complete the task so that the overall strategy can be implemented successfully within a defined timeframe.

Step 6: Identification of barriers to implementation (9 Marks) LO2

You are requiring identifying the possible barriers to implementing the positioning strategy.

Step 7: Monitoring and control system (25 Marks) LO2

You are required to develop the monitoring and control system to ensure that the implementation of the plan can be done effectively and efficiently. Use the Monitoring and control tools to develop your answer.

Step 8: Contingency planning (10 Marks) LO2

You are required to propose an alternative positioning strategy plan if the current proposed plan fails to achieve the defined marketing objective effectively and efficiently.

Referencing Styles: APA

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