Marketing Research Proposal Topics

Weight: 35% 2000-2500 words

Task Description:

Students will be asked to submit a research paper on the topic they choose (8-10 pages).

As a research paper, it should contain all necessary components of a standard research project including a proper introduction of the research background and research question(s), a literature review (i.e., a review of existing scholarship on the topic you selected), a description of the methods used, analysis, and a proper conclusion and discussion. The paper should demonstrate or speak to some of the main perspectives and arguments embodied in the class materials (both readings and lectures). For the literature review section, you are asked to search eight to ten relevant scholarly sources (books, journal articles, and/or book chapters) and incorporate them into the paper in an appropriate way.

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A proposal (1-2 pages) due on September 28 should outline a question related to the course that you would like to explore. The proposal will not be marked, so it is not required. However, you are strongly encouraged to submit a proposal so that the tutor and I can provide feedback on the topic you choose. We will work on refining and narrowing this proposal until the research questions offer a strong orientation toward a working thesis. If you have questions, ask me or the tutors well before the final paper is due and we can help point you in a profitable direction. I do not read drafts of papers, but I am happy to talk to you about your ideas in advance of the due date.

All writing assignments must follow the APA style and are expected to conform to the following format: 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, double-spaced, left-justified, stapled, and with page numbers. Additionally, there should be a single-spaced header on the first page that includes first and last name, date, and course section; a title should also appear at the top of the first page.

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