MBA 502 Developing Intercultural Competence Assignment

Subject NameEmotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Diversity

Assessment TypeInfographic and supporting paper

Word Count: 1000 Words (+/-10%)

Your Task
In response to the following scenario, students will produce a one-page infographic and a 500-750 word supporting paper detailing what would be included in a training workshop titled ‘Developing Intercultural Competence’.
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Assessment Description- Scenario
You manage a cohesive, supportive and friendly work team in a business that is undergoing significant growth. In response to this growth, the company has hired some new staff from Thailand. Most of the new staff will soon join your team.
Your current work team are all Australians. They have minimal experience working with people from different countries and little awareness of cultures beyond Australia. You are planning a training workshop that will be delivered to the current Australian staff and the new Thai employees. The workshop will deliver three outcomes:
  1. An appreciation of cultural differences based upon Hofstede’s model of Intercultural Dimensions and Edward T. Hall’s model of high-context versus low-context culture.
  2. Practical examples of how to adapt messages to make these suitable for all members of staff. These examples will draw upon either Hofstede’s theory, Hall’s theory of high-context versus low-context cultures, or both.
  3. Strategies and specific actions that will make the new staff feel accepted, supported and part of the team.
Evaluate the importance and influence of diversity and culture and their associated implications for organizations and leadership.
Analyse and evaluate successful models of intercultural management, highlighting the issues and key strategies for overcoming challenges.
Assessment Instructions
Students are to prepare a one-page infographic, with a 500-750 word supporting paper that outlines what will be covered in the proposed workshop. In the supporting paper, students should refer to:
➢ The theories and models of cultural intelligence covered in class
➢ Academic theories and papers -
o A minimum of two should be included in the infographic.
o A minimum of three in the supporting paper.
In addition to academic papers/journals, these can include websites, government publications, census data and newspaper articles. Kaplan Harvard Referencing Style guidelines should be followed. The following link is one of many where you can find free infographic templates
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