MBA - Analyze Motivations Strategies -1,500-Word Report

Your team has been engaged as a consultant to produce a 1,500-word report with diagrams and tables for the CEO of an organization which embraces diversity. The organisation manages student accommodation facilities on university campuses around Australia and it is located in Perth. It employs nearly 1000 people of different ages, genders and countries of origin. The purpose of your report is to advise the CEO how the organisation can ensure that appropriate motivation strategies address this diversity. Discuss your assumptions and the positives and negatives of the various motivational strategies for this diverse employee group and provide recommendations.


The key to this assignment is to provide advise how the CEO of an organization can ensure appropriate motivation strategies to address and embrace diversity in the organization. As per the unit plan, I propose the following structure to you:

  1. Introduction: First, you need to set the boundaries of your report. Bring some key research here
  • why diversity is a debated issue and why it has gained so much attention in recent years?

Please define also what diversity is for your team. There are many different definitions of diversity and based on a little research, define what diversity is for your group. Your whole argument will be in the context of that definition. Also briefly explain why it needs to be managed.

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Make the aim of the paper clear. Be explicit. For example, “the aim of the paper is to analyze motivations strategies that managers can employ to promote diversity and provide recommendations of how to apply those strategies in student accommodation facilities on university campuses around Australia/or Perth”.

With this introduction, you provide a good background of

1)why we need to understand diversity?

2) what you are presenting to the reader?

  1. Findings from the literature:

In this section, your team wants to address: What are motivation strategies?

Fundamentally, a motivation strategy is an approach and way, which management can use to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. There are many different strategies managers can use, for example, leadership. By practicing inclusive leadership towards the differences that employees have, they will embrace those differences much more and contribute to this positive environment. On the other hand, leadership, if not done properly, can lead to polarization and people are treated as separate and different.

Be critical about the strategies that you use; they all have advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, choose which ones you deem the most relevant or interesting for your team. Please make sure that all your arguments are research-supported! Simply making claims will not do and will result in mark reduction.

 Important: You are not making recommendations here. You are providing a well-researched overview of the strategies that are at your disposal. Please remember: LESS IS MORE. This means, perhaps choose around 3 strategies and explain those in-depth, instead of providing 5-6 with barely any explanation.

You need at least 8 sources of references. However, this is for a pass. A good distinction and high distinction have around 20 – 25 sources.

  1. Recommendations: I know the unit plan says recommendations comes after conclusions, but at the same time, there may be a better logical flow to recommend your chosen strategies straight away after you provide the background information, based on literature.

Here, you can be creative. Propose how you would apply some of the strategies you analysed to managing accommodation facilities? How would you encourage the strategies as a manager? Why do you recommend it?

2-3 recommendations will be enough.

  1. Conclusion: This can be quite short and should summarise what the assignment has covered. It is also an opportunity for you to look into the future and perhaps theorise why diversity will be important in the future and why.
  1. Appendix: Here you will place all the evidence of your teamwork. I am mainly looking for meeting minutes here, as this shows both the accountability of all of you and the tasks that you all were tasked with. Also images of chat activities and work allocation will help. In summary: show me that you have worked as a team.

The main components, which will determine your grade.

First, the student peer evaluation form. The form is found in Assessments under A2. The form assesses each member’s team contribution (including your own!) against the average of that team. As you can see, there are 6 criteria to evaluate your team members again, so it is not all about if you wrote the same amount, etc. Please send those to your lecturer after you completed the Product component!

The report must consist of the following components:

  •  Title page
  •  Table of contents
  •  Introduction (10%)
  •  Findings from the textbook and the literature (60%)
  •  Conclusion (10%)
  •  Recommendations (20%)
  •  References
  •  Appendix (containing evidence of your teamwork)

 Your research should include your current textbook and recent peer-reviewed journal articles. At least eight (8) or more different, relevant scholarly articles are expected. Remember that you must choose scholarly articles (otherwise called ‘peer-reviewed or academic’) from the ECU Library electronic databases. The textbook will also provide a sound starting point for your written responses.

 All reference sources must be acknowledged within the body of the text (in-text references) and listed at the end(end-text). Standard APA 7th edition referencing style should be used (see

It is NOT acceptable to cut and paste material from source directly into your

assignment. Please ensure you understand how to paraphrase and reference correctly.


Schermerhon, J. R., Davidson, P., Woods, P., Factor, A., Simon, A., McBarron, E., & Junaid, F. (2020) Management (7th Asia Pacific edition) Australia: John Wiley& Sons

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