MBA Business Report Writing in 1500 Words

Business Report: Instructions and Submission (25%)


This is a formative assessment task and will contribute to your final grade.
As outlined on the unit "How will you be assessed" page, this task requires you to write a 1,500 (maximum) word report that will contribute up to 25% of your final grade for this unit. Your report will be marked using this rubric.
To effectively complete this task, you should:
1. Complete the relevant unit learning activities.
2. Review report writing templates click here and click here

Task summary

You will draw upon all you have learned in this unit to examine a potentially disruptive, innovative, or entrepreneurial idea that addresses a workplace or business problem or issue. You will write a 1,500-word business report that fulfills the requirements below and aligns with the marking criteria contained in this rubric.
In completing this task, you are expected to draw upon broader knowledge gained in your studies to this point. Including references to other readings to support and contextualize your opinion is required.

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Task Description

You will examine a potentially disruptive, innovative, or entrepreneurial idea that addresses a workplace or business problem or issue. For example, consider a real workplace issue that you are currently experiencing, or have been concerned with in the past, or anticipate will become a problem or issue in the future. Your analysis needs to explore the current issues in terms of what is not working well, a diagnosis of the problem that needs to be addressed, why the problem has arisen, and how it can be resolved. Perhaps you wish to ponder your frustration with the lack of progress in resolving a problem with a local business or organization that you interact with.
You need to present a solution to this problem to demonstrate a disruptive, innovative, or entrepreneurial approach.

You will prepare a proposal not exceeding 1,500 words and in the form of a well-conceived and written business report that:

1. Provides an Executive Summary which is a condensed version of a business document that summarises a longer report or proposal (e.g., What is the background information, analysis, and main conclusions);
2. Reflect on the Background to the problem (e.g., What is the problem, and why is it problematic?);
3. Design a Solution to the problem (e.g., What is your solution? Why will it be better than other solutions?);
4. Provides a Section on the relevant theory around innovation/disruption/entrepreneurialism (e.g., Why is it any one or more of innovation/disruption/entrepreneurialism? Draw on readings and concepts you have been introduced to in the course of your study in this unit); and,
5. Includes Recommendations (e.g., What needs to be done to implement the solution?)
Task conditions
1. Reports are marked on how well the specific requirements are achieved by the assessment criteria in the rubric.
2. Reports must be submitted in PDF format (.PDF). Note that in Microsoft Word you can save it as PDF. Remember to keep a copy of your work.
3. Reports must follow the APA 7th edition referencing style as specified in the APA abridged guide available from CQUniversity's referencing guides page
4. Your entire report must not exceed 1,500 words. A rough guide is 4 peer-reviewed journals per 500 words written.
5. Completion of your report is achieved through actions that align with CQUniversity's academic integrity expectations.

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