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Marketing strategies of the company.

Analysis of the marketing strategies.

Sustainable approach of the organization in business management



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Marketing, which is and functions for the organization, it is a process for creating, communicating, and delivering value to the customers it also manages the relationships with the customers so that the organization can benefit and so does its stakeholders. Therefore, marketing management is the art and the science of choosing markets and growing customers for creating and delivering value for the customer. Hence, nowadays everything is marketed because the demand of the customers is repeatedly increasing more than the availing the product from the market. ADF group was founded as a company for investment that is mainly focused on Africa. Hence, being a part of the expansion of its strategy in 2013, the head office was built in Hong Kong. During this period, the operational scope was transformed for developing the regions so that it will remain specific in the advanced markets. Therefore, to fulfill the exploitation of international investment strategies, the ADF group has evolved into a management for the international fund, which provides equity for private Companies. Hence, ADF mainly supports the need to respond proactively to protect and enhance the social fabric and the infrastructure for the communities in which it can operate its functions for generating the productivity of the organization (adfgroupltd, 2018).

Marketing Strategies of the Company

The ADF is a regional finance institution in terms of multilateral development that has been established to contribute to developing the economic and social processes of the organization (Stanford, 2017). According to the report 2017, it has been stated that the premiere institutional development, the mission of the ADF is to reduce poverty so that the living conditions for Africans should improve and they should focus on mobilizing the resources for generating the economics of the continent for social development. It is to be added on the fact that African Development Bank is generally the parent organization for the group, which has mainly an 81 members country, which consists of 81 members which 54 independent African countries were non-regional members and 27, were non-regional members (Doroshenko et al.2016). The African Development Fund is the concessional window of the African Development Bank for the ADF group. It provides concessional funding from the projects to provide capacity to build the activities, which is required in the organization. Hence, concessional funding generally includes grants and loans which are extended on more generous than market loans. The ADF operation, which mainly accounted for $ 2.10 million, has occupied 19 percent of total operations. Hence, it is a self-sustaining revolving fund to identify for assisting the development efforts of the bank in which the bank's low-income regional members where the economics and the social conditions mainly prospects in which the prospects generally required for concessional financing.

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Analysis of the Marketing Strategies

There are the following analysis is mainly based on the case studies, which are as follows:

Project Procurement

The government receives funds from the African Development Bank Group for working on public works projects to count and make advisory services. The government runs a public competition, which is mainly, is to select the vendors. Hence, 75 percent of ADF where the resources are mainly devoted to procuring the project (Moutinho, 2016). The government mainly runs public competitions to select vendors. , 75 percent of the ADF the resources are mainly developed to provide procurement which is mainly needed for gaining opportunities in the private sector.

Corporate Procurement

The development of the Banks is generally running a competitive advantage for bidding the process for advisory services to make a relation to ADF for managing the group funded for the projects (Slankamenac et al. 2017)

Private Sector Solutions

The sector firm helps the partner to assist with the equity investments and technical and guarantees assistance to support the activities of the private sector. Hence, much of the information is needed to be participating for having the group funded for the projects in the specific to learn the specific aspects of doing business in the countries.

Sustainable Approach of the Organization in Business Management

The ADF management is tied together to generate the resources in an organization for mobilizing the resources and harmonizing the efforts for all the stakeholders to achieve the goals of the organization. The main challenge of the management is to adopt approaches to aim towards effectiveness that cannot be relied upon for generalizing the influence of the organizational performance (Bjelica et al. 2016). Therefore, it highlights the cases for approaching the core for organizational success to provide a flexible way for enhancing and improving on continuous improvement that will help to generate an effective and efficient way for generating efficient production.


The recommendation should be that the functions for the cost of the operation should be clearer so that it will help to define the strategic policies for the organization. Hence, the following principles are necessary for obtaining effective procedures that will help to determine the overall cost of operation (Brigham et al.2016). To bring and maximize the profit for the organization, the advertising channel should hence be active which will help to develop and it will create assurance in the mind of the customer for participating in the funding activities.


From the above study, it can be concluded that marketing is necessary to maintain and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Therefore, the role of the organization is to analyze and evaluate the micro economical factor and the macro economical factor that will help to determine the essential factors that are necessary for generating the performance of the organization. Hence, the aim should be to analyze the marketing environment factors that will help to target the customers efficiently and effectively. Thus, it will help to maximize the profit for the organization. Contact 'Assignment Help' for more.

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