MBA01–Marketing Management Assignment Questions and Answers

You are an independent marketing consultancy firm. One of your clients (engaged in a business sector of your choice) has asked you to conduct a consultancy project on his/ her behalf. S/he gave you this brief:

  • Select 3 companies which have invested in a marketing communications campaign, which was aired on local mass media within the last 12 months. Foreign students (only) may opt for foreign mass media.
  • These three campaigns must refer to the same product (or service) classification but not necessarily targeting the same market segment/s.
  • For each campaign, identify and critically analyse how the following salient marketing concepts have been applied effectively: market segmentation, target marketing, product positioning, differentiation and customer-driven marketing strategy. For each concept, it is essential that a comparative critical analysis between all 3 campaigns is made.
  • At the start of your assignment paper, you are asked to give a two-page (approx.) overview of the 3 selected campaigns. This does not form part of your word count.

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Length of Assignment:

2,500 – 3,000 words (excluding diagrams, tables, exhibits, references, etc.).
Grading - The main criteria in allocating marks comprise:

  • Content: originality and application of marketing concepts learnt throughout the course: 40%
  • Assignment structure: clarity and good flow of ideas: 30%
  • Presentation: style of writing; presentation of the assignment paper: 25%
  • Referencing: using Harvard referencing style: 5%


As you can see the target market of Tata Nano, This advertisement is mainly focus on the vision of launching this car. On an average all middle class people which is the largest population india uses 2wheelers to commute and to transport their family. With this car Tata have made a dream come true for every 2 wheeler users who wish to have a car, can travel easy and comfort and launched at a price which is equaling to a average 2wheeler price

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 

Alto 800 , Have a deep story, Basically the model is a blend of 2 successful car models of their time which were low budget cars and in this advertisement the company is focusing on legends Like MS Dhoni (Indian Cricket Captain) and His biography movie. What I understood from this advertisement is a emotional touch to bring back the old good memories

Mahindra KUV 100 

This advertisement is mainly focusing on all those adventurer people who wish to have SUV but because of the excessive price of SUV they couldn’t afford it, Mahindra made their dream to drive SUV in a low budget price with this model and people can fulfill their adventures like travelling offroad etc

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