MBA401: People, Culture And Contemporary Leadership Answers

Assessment Title:

PART A–In-Class Activity

PART B –Individual Written Report

Assessment Type: In-Class Activity and Individual Written Report

Word Count:1500 (+/-10%)

Weighting: PART A(10%) and PART B(20%)-total of 30%

Total Marks: 30

Submission: PART A–In-Class Activity (Submitted via Moodle)

PART B–Individual Written Report (Submitted via Turnitin)

Your Task

There are two components to this activity: 1.Develop a draft framework (plan) as a group in-class activity in preparation for the individual report.2.Use that framework (plan) to create an individual report based on an ASX-listed company’s organisational performance and culture change initiatives.

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Assessment Description

PART A (in-class group activity)

In Weeks4and 5 during class, groups (of 4 students) will be formed. Each student will need to select an Australian publicly listed company from one of the following industries: Tourism, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Mining, Education and Retail. The list of companies is available via the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX): choice with your facilitator before commencing your assessment.As part of the in-class activities,you will work within a group to share ideas, discuss your company and arrange how you will develop your report framework using a mind-map or similar tool (that is approved by your facilitator) to assist you in preparing your individual report. Attendance is compulsory for this in-class part of the assessment(with face-to-face attending on campus and online students attending via webinar). Each student will individually submit a copy of their individual framework (developed as part of the in-class group activities) via Moodle

PART B (individual)

By thoroughly reviewing the company’s website and by sourcing additional insights via credible business publications, journal articles and Annual Reports, address the following:

1.Identify how your selected company is seeking to improve the performance of its workforce.Use at least two(2) performance-related initiatives to discuss the ways in which the company could measure the success of their initiatives.

2.Identify the key components of the company’s corporate culture. Use at least two(2) culture-related initiatives to discuss how the company is trying to improve its culture and the most appropriate measures for determining the success of the initiatives.

Assessment Instructions

  • You must use the same company in both Part A and Part B.
  • •Using a standard report format,include the following components:


Performance-related initiatives (600words)

Culture-related initiatives(600words)


Reference List (using the Harvard Referencing Convention throughout your report and reference list at the end

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