MBA403 Financial Management Essay and Video Presentation

Subject Name: Financial and economic interpretation and communication

Assessment Type: Written essay and recorded verbal presentation

Word Count: 2000 Words (+/10%)

Video Length 5 minutes

Your Task
Students will select an ASX listed company and prepare a 2000word essay regarding its
financial (and nonfinancial) management.

Students will present the essay in a 5minute video.

Assessment Description
Students will write a financial management report and record a video presentation on a
selected company, based on concepts learned in Weeks 18.

Students will provide a clear recommendation to the stakeholders of the selected company.

Students will interpret financial and nonfinancial metrics and analyse ethics issues related to
the selected company.

The assessment addresses Learning Outcomes 1 to 3

Assessment Instructions
Students will select an ASX listed company that has currently published financial statements
which meet accepted standards of financial reporting.

The essay is limited to 2000 words (+ 200 words), excluding the title page, bibliography and

The essay is to be formally written with sections for an executive summary, analysis,
interpretation, conclusion, bibliography and appendix. See Resource A below.

The report is to be submitted via Turnitin

The video is submitted via a separate dedicated link. The MyKBS assessment page provides
a Guide and FAQs in relation to video assignments

Resource A Financial Analysis Report content

Executive summary

The executive summary should be approximately 10% of total word count. It provides
background to the company, the stakeholder the report is aimed at, the purpose of the report
and a brief statement of the recommendation(s).


The analysis will present and concisely discuss the key financial results and performance
(including nonfinancial) indicators extracted from the company’s annual report, including
significant changes in the financial results.

Consider using an appendix for detailed data tables or calculations.

Discuss the company’s business activities and the financial implications of the activities.

Interpret the causes of the changes in the company’s financial performance.

Apply your financial ratios and nonfinancial indicators to explain issues in the company’s
financial results.

Consider any risks, weaknesses or strengths that should be highlighted.

This section may also cover the business strategy, competitors and the outlook.

The analysis and interpretation sections combined should comprise approximately 70% of
total word count.

The conclusion should be approximately 20% of total word count. State a clear
recommendation that addresses the decisionmaking needs of a stakeholder. For example,
recommend a decision to invest or not invest in the company (if the Report is written for a
potential shareholder). Alternatively, make a specific recommendation to improve the
financial performance of the company (if the Report is written for an internal manager).

Justify recommendations by explaining how they will meet the needs of the stakeholder.

Bibliography and Intext Citations
The Academic Integrity and Conduct Policy requires the appropriate use of intext citations
and a bibliography. You must cite all references (information sources) and comply with the
expectations for academic writing.

The bibliography and citations are excluded from total word count.


Academic Integrity Policy

KBS values academic integrity. All students must understand the meaning and consequences
of cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences under the Academic Integrity and Conduct

What is academic integrity and misconduct?

What are the penalties for academic misconduct?

What are the late penalties?

How can I appeal my grade?

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