MBA404 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology Assignment

Assessment 1 Information
Subject Code: MBA404
Subject Name: Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology
Assessment TitleConsumer Decision-Making Process
Assessment Type: Individual online task and written analysis
Length: Online task,i.e., validation:100words (no more)
Written Analysis: 1200 words (+/-10% allowable range)
Total Marks:30%
Submission: Online
Due Date: Week 3& 5

Your task
Individually, you are required to submit a 100-word validation step and prepare a 1200-word written analysis, in which you must critically analyze your recent purchase of a product or service based on the 5-step Consumer Decision-Making Process. Please note that you will need to use the same product or service in the second and third assessments in this subject as all assignments in this course are interrelated.
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Assessment Description.
In this individual assessment, students will be allowed to demonstrate their understanding and ability to explain consumer behavior determinants by analyzing the role of perception, attitude, and motivation in consumer behavior.
Assessment Instructions

To help you start all three assessments in this subject on the right track, over the first three weeks of the trimester, your workshop facilitator will engage you and the rest of the class in preliminary discussions about the product or service you would like to choose. Please pay specific attention to your workshop facilitator's instructions regarding products/services that are not permissible.

By the end of week 3, you are required to submit a validation step via MyKBS, under the ‘assessments tab’ > ‘Product/Service Validation’ icon. In preparing this step, you must explain which product or service you will focus on in all three assessments, when and where you bought this product or service, and what ‘need’ and ‘want’ your chosen product or service fulfilled. You will also need to take a selfie of yourself and your selected product or a selfie of you experiencing the chosen service and upload it in the validation step.

The validation step is worth 5% of your grade in this subject, with 0% awarded for a rejected choice, 2.5% awarded for a partially approved choice, and 5% for an approved choice in full. Please note that you will not be able to submit any other assessment in this subject until your workshop facilitator has approved your choice, so be wise and don’t be late.

Once your workshop facilitator has validated your product or service choice, you are required to prepare a 1200-word written analysis by providing the reader with an in-depth analysis of how you have moved through each of the consumer decision-making steps.
In preparing your written analysis, you will also need to identify any possible issues that may have occurred during this process. Please use the ‘Week 2 Student Handout ’ as a starting point for your analysis.
More specifically, you must:
1. Analyze the need and want that led you to purchase the chosen product or service.
2. Examine the internal and external sources of information you used to purchase the chosen product or service. Please include screenshots of external sources of information to support your analysis and indicate your awareness at the end of this section.
3. Evaluate alternatives and narrow down the chosen product or service attributes that satisfy your needs and want. Please provide a detailed evoked set diagram to present your findings.
4. Analyse available purchase methods to determine how these methods impacted your decision-making process.
5.Analyze your post-purchase behavior by identifying the chosen product or service feature that reduces your cognitive dissonance. Please note that in this step, the topic of customer satisfaction should not be considered.

The findings presented in the written analysis must be based on primary research and should be reinforced by an examination of relevant secondary data. You must also incorporate theories and concepts related to consumer behavior discussed in weeks 1 to 4.

You are required to use at least 5 sources of information and reference these by the Kaplan Harvard Referencing Style. These may include websites, social media sites, industry reports, census data, journal articles, and newspaper articles. These references should be presented as in-text citations and a reference list at the end of your written analysis(not included in the word limit). Wikipedia and other ‘popular’ sites are not to be used.

The written analysis is worth 25% of your final grade for this assessment, and it will serve as the basis for the second and third assessments in this subject


The validation step must be submitted on time(before the end of week 3)via MyKBS, under the ‘assessments tab’ > ‘Product/Service Validation’ icon. Please review the information provided under the ‘assessments’ tab in this subject to check the submission’s specific due date and time.

The written analysis document must be submitted on time(at the start of week 5)via MyKBS, under the
‘assessments tab’> ‘Written Analysis’ Turnitin icon. The submitted file must be saved as a Word file to avoid any technical issues that may occur from incorrect file format upload. Uploaded files with a virus will not be considered a legitimate submission. MyKBS will notify you if there is an issue with the submitted file. In this case, you must contact your workshop facilitator via email and provide a brief description of the problem and a screenshot of the MyKBSerror message.

You are also encouraged to submit your work well before the deadline to avoid any possible delay involving the Turnitin similarity report or any other technical difficulties. Please review the information provided under the ‘assessments’ tab in this subject to check the submission’s specific due date and time.

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