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Subject Name: Business Psychology, Coaching and Mentoring
Assessment Title: Reflective Essay
Assessment Type: Recorded Video Presentation (Part A) + Written Reflection (Part B)
Presentation Length:5 minutes (+/- 10%) (Part A)
Word Count:1,500 words (+/- 10%) (Part B)
Weighting:10% (Part A) + 30% (Part B) = 40%
Total Marks:10 (Part A) + 30 (Part B) = 40
Submission: Online via MyKBS
Due Date: Week 3 (Part A) + Week 6 (Part B)

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Your Task

Apply business psychology theories to your own experience in the workplace.

Assessment Description

Effective coaching and mentoring of others begins first with the application of business psychology theories to ourselves and our own experiences.
The Learning Outcomes you will demonstrate in performing this assessment include:

Evaluate how psychological theories and frameworks can help inform understanding of human behavior, emotions and cognitions in workplace settings

Analyze how job performance, satisfaction and culture can be positively impacted by applying business psychology to individuals, teams and organizations in an ethical manner

Assessment Instructions

1. Record a video presentation introducing yourself, identifying your key strengths and weaknesses, outlining your priorities, and explaining one important twelve-month goal.
2. Submit your recorded video presentation by uploading it to MyKBS by the due date.
3. Write a reflective essay defining the concept of job satisfaction, explaining three relevant motivation theories from this subject, identifying an appropriate job from your work history, and drawing meaningful insights from the application of motivation theory to your lived experience.
4. Include a minimum of eight references in your reflective essay with at least five references sourced from academic journals.
5. Submit your reflective essay in a single Word document to Turnitin by the due date.

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