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Assessment 3 Information

Subject Code: MBA633
Subject Name: Real-world Business Analytics and Management
Assessment Title: Individual written analysis

Assessment Type:Ethical Dilemma
Length:1500 words (+/- 10% allowable range)
Total Marks:100

Submission: Online

Your task
Individually, you are required to analyze the case study scenario and prepare a report recommending solutions to the ethical management of data.

Assessment Description

This assessment will allow students to create an inventory of tangible tools and intangible resources essential to digital data analysis and management. It will also enable students to examine ethical issues associated with the accumulation of analytics, data and technology, evaluate strategies for advanced data analysis, and how interpreting these results can inform decision-making and business direction.

Assessment Instructions

Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) is a way to identify an individual's face via biometrics. It does this by mapping facial features from images or videos and comparing them to a database of known faces. It aims to find a match between the scanned face and someone in the database. This allows for identifying and verifying individuals, which has many valuable applications. FRT is currently widely used, and this usage is only expected to grow. For example, FRT is currently used when unlocking phones, boarding flights, and searching for missing people.
Specifically, the case of NAB bank, which plotted this technology, allowing customers to verify their identity digitally. The FRT technology allows customers to take a picture of their identification (ID) document (for example, a driver's licence) on their mobile. They could then provide images or videos of themselves. The FRT would then compare the image on their ID document with the one they supplied to verify their identity.
You have been approached by NAB bank to provide your expert opinion on the following questions, having gathered qualitative and quantitative data to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in the health and wellbeing industries:

What potential implementation challenges for FRT regarding data privacy and security?

• What can be some of the ethical issues that may arise when implementing FRT for NAB bank?
• Give at least 3 recommendations for the designing of the code of conduct for FRT application.

In preparing your submission, please adhere to the following structure:
• Title page
• Table of Contents
• Executive Summary (not in the total word count)
• Introduction of FRT and rationale for its AI application
• Privacy, security, and ethical concerns
• Recommendations
• Conclusion
• References

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