MBA672 Data-Driven Design Thinking

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Assessment Title:

Group activity: Developing a data-driven design thinking project

Word Count: 500 Words

Your Task

• Form a small group of three or four students
• Prepare and deliver a data-driven Design Thinking project, as per the following brief.
• You need to be present in class in a group in week 10, contributing actively to your group, to receive marks for this assessment.
• Submit one report per group

Assessment Description

In this assessment, you will prepare a group report based on data provided for a potential new menu item that is high in anti-oxidants, to be offered across different types of fast food outlets. This menu item sources its anti-oxidants from multiple continents to convey the image of a truly global food offering.
One member of your group is to play the role of the consumer (for purposes of developing a persona and applying the “empathy’ stage of design thinking).
Assume your product item is being specifically considered for inclusion in the Hungry Jack’s Fresh Choices menu. Your group member, who is playing the role of the consumer, is likely to purchase from this outlet. Prototype and test your lo-fi wireframe with this consumer.
Prepare a 500-word report that discusses the steps you followed and how you applied the data and resources supplied with this assessment brief to the design of your menu item.

Assessment steps

In this assessment, you will be given a set of resources as input for the Design Thinking process. There is no need for primary data collection, other than empathizing, prototyping, and testing with the team member who is playing the role of the consumer.
The course content that is relevant to this assessment is included in weeks 1 to 8 of class material.
To answer this assessment, you will need to:
1. Follow a Design Thinking approach and then complete the following steps.
2. Build your personas
3. Define/ reframe the problem/ opportunity
4. Ideate/ conceptualize the menu item high in antioxidants.
5. Prepare a low-fi wireframe (prototype) of the food menu item high in anti-oxidants
6. Test your prototype with your group member, who is the consumer
7. Deliver your output in report format, supported by references
Report headings
Present your answer in report format. A guide for headings to include in the report is as follows:
Discuss the reasons for developing a healthy food offering, high in anti-oxidants, sourced globally, for inclusion in the menu of fast food chains.
Nominate the objective of your Design Thinking process for the development of your healthy food offering.
Outline the steps followed, based on the Design Thinking model selected.
Low-fi wireframe
Illustrate your healthy anti-oxidant food as a low-fi wireframe
Provide the results of your testing of the low-fi wireframe (prototype) with your consumer
Include a reference list (supported by in-text citations) using Harvard referencing
Resources provided

The following resources are provided to assist with the completion of this assessment, namely:

1. Excel file on anti-oxidant content in food.
2. Tableau printout of food by anti-oxidant content
3. Article from nutrition journal
4. Article on 12 healthy foods high in antioxidants
5. The following YouTube clips:
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