MBS659 Quantitative Research Methods for Business Assignment

Assignment 1

This assignment covers material from Sessions 1-4 and is worth 80 marks to be rescaled to 20% of your total mark of MBS659. Your solutions should be properly presented, and it is important that you double-check your spelling and grammar and thoroughly proofread your assignment before submitting it.

Instructions for assignment submission are presented in the “Assignment 1” link and must be strictly adhered to. No marks will be awarded to assignments that are submitted after the due date and time. All analyses must be carried out using SPSS, and no marks will be awarded for assignment questions where SPSS output supporting your answer is not provided in your Microsoft Word file submitted for the Assignment.

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In this assignment, we will examine the “Car Manufacturers” dataset. Before beginning the assignment, read through the descriptions of the variables in the data set. Each variable in the dataset is described in the ‘label’ field of the SPSS file.
1. (50 marks) Use appropriate graphical displays and measures of centrality and dispersion to summarise the following five variables. For graphical displays for numeric data, be sure to comment on not only the shape of the distribution but also compliance with a normal distribution. Be sure to include relevant SPSS output (graphs, tables) to support your answers.
(a) Seconds to reach to speed 60 from 0.
(b) Weight in 100 lb.
(c) Horse power.
(d) Gallons per 100 miles.
(e) Cylinders.
(10 marks)
2. Again consider the variable ‘Gallons per 100 miles’, and ‘Seconds to reach to speed 60 from 0’. It is of interest to visualize the relationship of the two variables. You must report the shape of the relationship.
(15 marks)
3. Consider the variables ‘Horsepower’ and ‘Seconds to reach 60 from 0”. It is of interest to identify the outliers in those two variables. You must generate two graphs that indicates the cases of the outliers and then report the values of each outlier case.
4. (5 marks) Presentation marks. These marks are allocated based on:
• Structure, clarity, and tidiness of presented solutions/answers; and
• Correctness in spelling and grammar.

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