A Case Recounts Tom Stark's Meeting with OSIM Group's Chairman of the Board

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Imagine being in Tom's Shoes. What would you do and why?


Tom Stark has just returned to OSIM Group from a one-year executive program. In his absence, a Swiss financial conglomerate acquired OSIM. Tom finds himself amid an attempt to oust the company president, who had sponsored Tom for the executive program, and he is chosen to introduce strategic planning into the loosely structured - and now politically charged - consulting organization. At the close of the case, Tom must meet with the chairman of the board, ostensibly to discuss Tom's willingness to join the conspiracy.

Discuss being in Tom's Shoes. What would you do and why?


OSIM Group is a consultation firm that has been involved in multiple sectors such as Financials, real estate, engineering, and more. OSIM Group has been performing successfully under the leadership of Dave Wright, President of OSIM Group. In 1997, OSIM Group was acquired by Shilo Investment Bank and employees thought that Shilo would impose their working style in OSIM, as well. Dave Wright’s management was considered to be decentralized and an employee could do anything according to his will. Under his leadership, an organization was independent and free to run. He was not inclined towards operations management, at all.

The organization was running because of the hard work and entrepreneurial attitude of the employees. The was no planning or structural process for the project and each employee handled a problem in his or her way, either creatively or repetitively.

After Shilo acquired OSIM Group, there were only four people who gained financial benefits, whereas, the rest of the Directors and Vice Presidents did not earn anything. Frank Lewisburg, Marketing Director, and other co-conspirators were the ones who did not get anything benefit, so, there might be a grudge against President Dave. They turned against Dave as they did not gain anything out of the acquisition, and Frank wanted to get rich in a short period.

Under the leadership of Dave Wright, the organization has an increase in Revenues and Assets by a great margin, but on the other hand, the Net Income has decreased by greater value. The shareholder’s equity also increased in 3 years. The Net Income fell from 3.6million to 0.8million in a year only because there was no planning and operational management. There was no structure defined and employees did everything according to their will. To increase the Net Income, the operations of the company need to be managed and planning needs to be done to achieve maximum profits of the project. (Tutorials, 2018)

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Being in Tom's Shoes

To run a profitable company, there must be rules and discipline. Each employee should be a team player and their communication should be formal and documented. With an unprofessional practice, lack of decision-making skills, and independent behavior a company cannot grow to its potential. For growth, there must be a check and balances, there must be rules and policies introduced, and everything within a project should be documented. A company cannot run on an entrepreneurial basis for a longer period. Dave has adopted all the policies which are not fruitful for the growth of the organization. Though the company has higher revenues and assets it has a declining Net Income. Through this decline ratio, the organization will not be able to sustain its expenses in the long run. (Clarke, 2018)

My role in the organization as a Strategic Planning Director is to introduce planning and organized ways of carrying out projects but if the President is not convinced with the whole Planning idea, then, I might be released from the job and I might have to find a new job. To retain my position in the company, I will need to convince all the Vice Presidents and Project Managers to adopt the organized working standards and adopt the new rules and policies. (Jay, 2018)


Being in Tom’s shoes, I would become part of the conspiracy against Dave Wright because in his tenure as the President, he has not been able to grow the company, and working in an environment where everything is unorganized and undisciplined is very difficult. There is no unity in the organization as every employee is working according to his/her own will and they are neglecting the organization’s credibility and profits. There is no specific standard to complete a project. Be a Strategic Planning Director, it is my job to introduce planning and an organized working environment where employees can be more productive than they are. The company has been surviving because of the hard work and eagerness to work on the challenges of the employees. Once, the employees start to become lazy and less productive, the organization will decline. So, If Dave Wright is not firmly backing the planning area, he must be released from his position and a new President should be appointed who is focused on Strategic Planning so that the organization can grow and increase its size. If I need to prosper in this organization then Strategic Planning should be introduced otherwise once the organization feels that they do not require my service, I might be released from my job. Contact 'Assignment Help' for more.


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