MEM16001B Give Formal Presentations and Take Part in Meetings

To be assessed as Competent (C) in this unit, you need to provide evidence that demonstrates that you can perform the required competencies to the required standard. Competency depends on consistently demonstrating the skills, attitude and knowledge that enables you to complete workplace tasks confidently in a variety of situations.
This unit covers participating in formal meetings and giving formal presentations.
Prerequisite Units: There are no recommended pre-requisite units for this competency.
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To attain competence in the unit MEM16001B - Give formal presentations and take part in meetings, you must:

●Successfully complete the Practical Demonstration
●Successfully complete the Written assessment tasks
Student Assessment
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Australian Institute of Engineering October 2019 Version 1.2
ASSESSMENT 1 STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS This information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirements
Student Name:
Student ID:
I declare that:
●No part of this assessment has been copied from another person’s work, except where documents or work is listed/ referenced
●No part of this assessment has been written for me by another person
Student Signature: Date:
For this observation, you are required to undertake a group presentation. The presentation task will include group discussion/meeting, presentation and reporting
For the task, you are required to:
•Follow verbal or written instructions to determine task requirements.
•Adhere to AIE workshop OH&S procedures at all times.
•Communicate in all activities/task
You will be grouped by your Trainer to report a topic and take part in the meeting from the following:
Environmental Development related to the AIE workshop
Additional four (4) welding bays for MIG, Oxy-acetylene, TIG, and Stick welding
Work Health and safety (WHS) about AIE
The content of your group report must include:
Task 1: Formal Meeting
You are required to take part in a real meeting. The meeting must be one governed by formal rules and conventions such as having a chairperson, having minutes recorded, setting an agenda, and members having relatively well-defined roles.
You are to demonstrate the following during the meeting:
•Understand and follow a set agenda
•Follow meeting conventions, including:
Order of proceedings
Communicate using language and terminology appropriate to the meeting
Keep discussions focused on the objectives of the meeting
Participate effectively within the roles set
•Participate in the First meeting, The agenda will include the:
Discussion of the topic
Assigning of task
Minutes of the meeting
•Submit the minutes of the meeting in a given timeframe
Task 2: Group report
You are required to participate in a group report discussed and assigned in Task 1. The report should last at least 10 minutes per member and be presented in PowerPoint form or similar media. You must submit your group report presented in the format required (stated in student instructions)
You are to demonstrate the following during the report:
• The same media (e.g. PowerPoint presentation) of the report used by your group
•Report the topic clearly and loudly
•Avoid Reading all of your report
•Includes photos or videos to deliver the report accurately
•Report on your topic discussions is focused

Mention two (2) types of topics that are considered relevant for conducting better meetings

Mention two (2) types of conventions of a meeting. Also, give one (1) purpose of conventions in a formal meeting.
Fill in the blanks for the following:
A) _____is another term for the conventions of a meeting.
B) A ______ is a plan that outlines what will happen in the meeting.
C) ______ are the notes which make up the formal record of what occurred at the meeting.
D) _______ is the person who is in charge of making sure that all the attendees follow the conventions of the meeting

List three (3) objectives of a meeting

Mention three (3) factors that would help in giving an effective presentation

List two (2) points that should be considered while choosing a good presentation topic.

What techniques would you use to convey the information in a presentation effectively? List any two (2) techniques.
Give two (2) importance of including references for the sources of information used in your presentation.

List three (3) types of information sources. Give one (1) example for each

Give one (1) importance of following an agenda

Mention two (2) elements required for structuring a logical presentation.

List any three (3) visual aids that are commonly used during a presentation. Give two (2) importance of using them.

Mention four (4) effective communication strategies for meetings and presentations

Give one (1) factor that can help to make the technical presentation clear and concise.

List two (2) conventions that should be followed during a formal meeting

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