MGT530: Managing Human Capital - Module Assignment: HR Policy Proposal

The Purpose and Context

This assignment will help you to be able to construct a human resource policy guides, assess a company’s human resource needs and evaluate the overall health and safety of employees for a company.

Case Scenario

You are a consultant who has been appointed by a corporation to create a report that reviews the company’s HR policies. Recommend starting salaries for three newly created positions and create guidelines for the health, safety and overall wellbeing of the company’s employees.

You are to choose either your current place of employment or a company that you have researched.

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Assignment Instructions

1.Using relevant industry information, choose a company and critique the company’s HR policies. (10%)

2.Propose new HR policies and include the following in your proposal: (40%)

  • to improve employee retention;
  • b.more effective customer service practices;
  • c.the use of technology to improve interoffice communication;
  • d.create/revise employee performance appraisals.

3.Create job listing including starting salary information for the following position: (25%)

  • a.secretary;
  • b.marketer;
  • c.operations manager.

4.Create a health, safety and wellbeing guide for the company. (25%)


1.3,500 4,000 words with APA Format

2.Double-spaced (2.0) or One and a Half (1.5) spaced

3.12 pt. Times New Roman font

4.Page Number (footer, right bottom corner)

5.4 major sections: Table of Content, Title Page, Main Body, References

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