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Module Assignment:Project Proposal

The Purpose and Context

This assignment will help you to develop a well-organized and effective project proposal.

Case Scenario

Aspire International Corporation is a multinational corporation based in Sweden. Aspire is now looking to diversify its portfolio by expanding its business through the following three projects:

  1. Aspire Hometown Food Market, an all organic natural food store.
  2. Aspire Pharmacy and Village Market, a pharmacy and a convenience store.
  3. Aspire Fitness Club and Spa, a membership-based fitness and health center.

You are the lead project manager who has been asked to choose one of the three projects. You need to create a project proposal that encompasses the project manager job from start to finish. You have a starting budget of €2 million euros and will be allocated with more funds if the project requires it.

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Assignment Instructions

1.Create a project proposal for Aspire Corp. which must include the following: (65%)

  • a.Project Budget
  • b.Risk Analysis
  • c.Projected Competition Times
  • d.Quality Control Measures
  • e.Team Member Breakdown
  • f.Additional Funds Request (if needed)

2.Thailand is planning to establish a high-speed railway to connect Bangkok to Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand. They are negotiating with a Japanese company to build this railway, however, the prime minister, Gen. Prayut wants the project to be cost efficient and does not want the train tickets to exceed 1,200 baht. The estimated cost of this project is 100 billion baht. You are asked as a project consultant whether this project is viable or not. Create a project viability analysis, the proposal must include the following: (35%)

  • a.State if you believe that the railway should be built.
  • b.What are the additional ways for the proposed railway to earn income?


  1. 3,500 4,000 words with APA Format
  2. Double-spaced (2.0) or One and a Half (1.5) spaced
  3. 12 pt. Times New Roman font
  4. Page Number (footer, right bottom corner)
  5. 4 major sections: Table of Content, Title Page, Main Body, References

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