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Coursework Instructions

Please prepare an answer to the following question and then hand-in your answers to the School of Management office no later than 11.00am on Monday 24th February 2020. Remember that this is a deadline so you can submit earlier if you like. Please use a University of Bath coursework hand-in coversheet and enter the name of your class tutor in the space assigned for ‘name of the lecturer’.
This work accounts for 10% of the final mark you will get for the MN10574 unit. Your work will be marked and returned to you via your tutorial classes (provisionally planned as those in the week starting 9th March). You will get individual feedback on your own work and the class will feature wider discussion and feedback so that you can learn from the experiences of all students taking the unit.
The following question is an example of the type you can expect to face in the extended answer section (Section D) of the end of unit examination. These questions are each worth 50 marks, and since final exam will be two hours long, this means so you will have approximately one hour available to answer a question of this type during the exam.
To make this coursework realistic exam preparation you should hand-write your answers as you will have to do in the exam. Furthermore, we would not normally expect anyone to write more than five sides of A4 paper in an exam setting, and many will submit work well below this limit. As such there will be an absolute limit of FIVE sides of A4 paper for this assignment. Anyone submitting work over this limit will face standard School of Management assessment penalties.

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1. Imagine you have been approached by ‘The Little Cinema’ movie theatre in the centre of Bath, who are looking for your expert advice because they have been struggling to make a profit in recent years. The Little Cinema currently competes against the Odeon Cinema in Bath, and shows mainstream movies. Using this case and your knowledge of business economics, detail the potential types of strategy that ‘The Little Cinema’ could adopt that would likely help improve its profitability before making a recommendation for this particular case. When making your recommendation, justify your answer by explaining how your chosen strategy works in theory, and how it might be applied in practice in this particular industry.

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