MNG10724 Answers - Assessment 1: Short Written Response

Short Written Response – Location statement and stakeholder view
Provide a statement which names the location you will study in MNG10724. This location will be the focus of study for all MNG10724 assessments. One location per student. No two students study same location. Introduce location, give name, geographic information and outline tourism at the location. The location can be any size (village, region, country) and include the surrounding marine environment. Link the location with coastal and marine tourism (i.e. Does location have yearround resort tourism? Is it a popular surf destination visited at certain times of year?).
Nominate the stakeholder view from which you will study coastal and marine tourism at the location (host community, tourism industry, marine wildlife, other).
Prepare assessment as a Word document, double-line spaced. Minimum of three (3) references (academic and non-academic) to inform the location statement.

Words Count : 800 Words

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