MNG10724 Answers - Assessment 3: Essay Answers

Prepare an essay based on coastal marine tourism and impacts at your location
A1 and A2 were background to A3. Your essay should present tourism at location from chosen stakeholder view, discuss issues like relations with other stakeholders, benefits/impacts for host community and future for tourism at your location. Draw on theories used in Study Guide, and A2 to build a focused response which highlights your location, stakeholder and selected benefits/impacts from coastal and marine tourism at location.
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History of tourism at location.
Current snapshot of tourism at location.
Showcase stakeholder regarding benefits – impacts from tourism (A2) and relations with other stakeholders at location.
Discuss future of coastal and marine tourism at location including governance and ICZM. Minimum of eight (8) references (at least six (6) academic) to inform the Assessment. Aspects of A1 and A2 can be used in Assessment 3 but not cut and paste. Instead rework into
broader discussion.
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