Module 3: Digestive System Assessable Question

Question 1.
Ms. Krystal Hars (KH) is 42 years old and has been instructed to lose weight by her General Practitioner (GP). She decides to place herself on a strict diet of 400-500 calories a day. Within a month, Krystal notices her breath has a sweet, fruity odour. She is extremely thirsty, weak and sometimes experiences nausea and vomiting. Krystal does not understand why she is so unwell as she has been eating a balanced diet despite the calorie deficit.
a) Explain why Krystal is experiencing each of these symptoms concerning her body’s energy utilisation.
(10 marks)
b) Explain any long-term impacts this dietary restriction would impose on Krystal’s digestive tract?
(5 marks)
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Question 2.
Ms. Ethel Young (EY) is an 89 year old war veteran. Recently, Ethel has started to lose weight as she isn’t eating much food. When asked why, she says it takes too much effort to eat and nothing tastes good anymore.
a) Discuss the physiological changes that can occur in the elderly that may make it harder to eat or which may make food less appealing.
(4 marks)
b) Describe any changes in metabolism that are associated with ageing and could result in weight loss.
(5 marks)
c) Outline the changes in appetite hormones associated with ageing and whether there is any potential treatment for these changes.
(6 marks)
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