Module 4: Neuroendocrine System Assessable Question

Question 1.
Miss. Quanh Ling (QL) is a five (5) year-old girl who touches the hot plate whilst her mother is cooking dinner. She rapidly pulls her hand away and then after two (2) seconds, starts crying uncontrollably.
a) Using your knowledge of the nervous system, explain why Quanh pulled her hand away quickly and why she only detected the pain after her hand was removed from the hot plate.
(5 marks)
b) Describe how this type of nerve response differs from a usual nerve signal pathway?
(5 marks)
c) Explain whether this response is trainable – for example, can someone change their reaction time in association with this kind of nerve signal? Why?
(5 marks)
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Question 2.
Mrs. Gail Bross is a 49 year old lady who lives in government assisted housing and due to her financial situation, is highly stressed.
a) Using your knowledge of the autonomic nervous system, describe the neurotransmitters and hormones Gail is likely to be producing and discuss the effect this would have on her body.
(6 marks)
b) What effect would this over production of these neurotransmitters and hormones have on Gail in the long term?
(5 marks)
c) Describe the events that must occur to generate an action potential. Comment on the changes in the cell membrane and ion channels to explain your answer.
(4 marks)
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