Motivation, Managing Teams Assignment Sample


Motivation is a method of making another person perform a particular task that could lead to certain benefits. Motivation is done by the leaders in an organization to help align the efforts of different human resources toward the attainment of a particular set of goals and objectives for the organization. Through motivation, different teams are managed within the organization which helps in ensuring that the organization maintains sustainability in the long run (Debrah & Ofori, March 2006, Vol 17 Issue 3).

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Pedagogical aim:

Motivation in the real world can help the organization to define its mission and vision. It ensures that the employees are directed toward the attainment of target goals and objectives. I learned that motivation is an important tool that could help the organization attain the desired outcome from its employees. Motivation is applied by the team leaders. They instigate the employees to take such actions which will ensure long-term sustenance and growth of the business.

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