MS60056E International Trade, Finance & Investment Assignment Answers

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Assessment brief including criteria mapped to learning outcomes

There will be one summative assessment for this module:
• An individual comprehensive report (100%) The report should be 3,000 words +/- 10% (excluding conclusion, recommendations & appendices).
• You must achieve a minimum mark of 40% to pass the module to achieve 20 academic credits at Level 6.
Learning outcomes covered by the Assessment
LO1: Explain the standards set by the GATT / World Trade Organization and certain regional trade agreements.
LO2: Critically assess the impact of World Bank policies, investment treaties between states, and agreements between multinationals
LO3: Explain the regulations governing the financial system and assess its impacts on businesses.
LO4: Critically evaluate various finance theories and concepts and apply them in a real business context.
LO5: Critically analyze the impacts of FX rate and interest rate changes on trade and capital flows

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Assessment Task:

You are an economist within a consulting firm that advises international businesses on cross-border expansion.
You have been following the tension between China and US rise initially over trade tariffs, and subsequently, Taiwan becoming a new apple of discord in now clearly divided world after the Ukraine war/special operation.
It appears that India might emerge as a beneficiary in this conflict. Consequently, many clients use your employers' services to move their foreign investments into relatively neutral territories/country. You were requested to prepare a comprehensive report on economic analysis for India & China:
a. Please compare and contrast how the financial markets of two countries work to evaluate the feasibility and attractiveness of the World’s Leading companies’ international expansion [including trade, investment, and development].
o India
o China
b. Critically evaluates the economies of both countries. What are the key challenges both countries face due to Industrialisation and Trade policies?
o India
o China

Report Content Template:

1. Title and Content Pages
2. Executive Summary
3. Background of Financial Markets, including the potential disruptive impact of government interventions (risk management strategies) in India and China’s economies.
800 words
4. Critically assess the attractiveness of international expansion for India and China economies (Trade & Finance theories/models/concepts minimum three) 700 words
5. Evaluation of both economies India and China 700 words
6. Critical Evaluation of challenges India and China face due to Industrialisation and Trade Policies and the role of the World Bank/WTO in these economies. 800 words
7. Conclusion & Recommendations
Assessment criteria elements weightage: Assessment criteria Maximum Marks
Content Knowledge and understanding 35%
Level of analysis, synthesis and logical flow of arguments 25%
Justification and rationale for selecting economy 10%
Organization and structure 10%
Clarity of expression and demonstration of academic writing skills 10%
Use of literature and quality of referencing 10%
Total 100%
This is an academic work, and you are expected to conduct extensive up-to-date research, critically evaluating the content and appropriately referencing the sources of information used.
The report should be 3,000 words +/- 10% (excluding conclusion, recommendations & appendices).
Weighting: 100% 
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