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Individual report for Unit 2 submission.
You submit via BB/Turnitin a typewritten report, which must demonstrate an in depth understanding of the topic. The report should be original (no plagiarism) and neither exceed 3000 words nor 9 sides of A4, including tables and figures in text, and references but excluding appendices. This paper should include a more detailed description of the goals of the project and what was accomplished. It can also include comments on efforts that did not produce the intended results. It should conclude with ways in which the project could have been enhanced if there was more time and if data were more easily available. The write-up may include charts, small tables, and graphs. Large tables, copies of any spread sheets, and any other model analysis may be included as desired, but as an appendix.
You should also include a half-page to one-page description of one or two mistakes that you learned from when carrying out the project. Ideally, the mistake(s) that you learned from should have longer-term implications for yourself (e.g., learning about how to write a useful model, or what kind of data is useful, or what kind of data is
available, or how hard it is to develop a new solution technique, or the time it takes to accomplish certain types of tasks).
And finally, please send a single ZIP file containing all the data and models developed to your lecturer by email.
Limits to Excel Solver and Alternatives
Solver is limited to 200 decision variables for all models, and it is limited to 100 constraints for nonlinear models. While many successful projects will be possible with these limits, other projects will need software capable of solving much larger optimisation problems. There are also tools that permit upfront programming or scripting to formulate the model. You are encouraged to learn and use other tools (such as OpenSolver, CPLEX, AMPL®, MATLAB™, open source solvers in common programming languages, etc).

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Sample Topics
 School bus scheduling
 Exam scheduling at University of Westminster
 Home healthcare workforce scheduling
 Portfolio optimisation
 Optimal location of cell phone towers
 Optimal strategies for sports teams
 Optimal allocation of wind turbines
 Optimal inventory control
 Optimal truck routing
 For more idea of topics, please check
Work Rota obtain from Nursing home
Monday Tuesday Wendsday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Nurse1 Day AfterNoon Off Off Day Night Night
Nurse2 Off Off Night Night AfterNoon D D
Nurse3 Day Day AfterNoon D OFF OFF Night
Nurse4 AfterNoon N Off Off Day AfterNoon AfterNoon
Nurse5 Off Off Night Night AfterNoon D D
6 N N D D OFF OFF AfterNoon
7 Day AfterNoon Night AfterNoon Day OFF O
8 N AfterNoon AfterNoon Off OFF D Night
9 AfterNoon N Night Off OFF AfterNoon D
10 Off Off D AfterNoon Day Night Night
Note: Rate of pay depend on the grade and lenth of service.
Data Collections
This data were obtain from Nursing home with 79 residences.
Nursing home requires different number of full time nurses on different days of the week
Employment contract of the nurse states that each nurses must work 40 hours per week.
There are 3 work shift and each shift is 8 hour. They are day shift, after noon shift and Night shift
when works five days a week, they shoul take two days off.
During the shifts thera are health care assistance are helping for the nurses but those are not considerered for the this problem.
Objective functions
Minimise the staff cost
To satisfy the employees preferenses- Two days off were nurses preferences.
Constrains are
1.To satisfy the employees preferenses- Two days off were nurses preferences.
2. minimise the nurses cost when allocating shift.
3. To find the coverage for day offs of the nurses.
Requirement as per the project 2.
Need to use Linear programming, Interger programming in Excel solver to solve this problem
Need to show the algebra expressions befor going to Excel solver
And use Sensitivity analysis for different allocations
Example What if if we use different nurses for the different days

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