NUR368: Global Health Report Answers

Due: Week 8 -Friday the30thof April 2021at 23:59hrsWord count: 2000 words +/-10%Value (of total mark): 40%Related Learning outcome/s: 1., 2., 3., 4., 5.

Relevance:Task: The task is to create a country-based report on a significant contemporary global healthcare challenge or priority as outlined in Modules 2 & 3 of the unit.


Select the healthcare challenge or priority that you would like to study2.Select the country (other than Australia) that you will investigate in your reportin relation to this challenge/priority3.Find comparative information for Australia to aid in the ‘discussion’section of your report4.Develop your global healthreport using the sections and headings provided in the template given below5.Please ensure that you read the associated marking rubric to maximise your marks


Title page

The title of the report, your name (and student number), the name of the course and the course code


The introduction contextualises your report and highlights its relevance along with any key terms of reference. It includes information on the background of the report, its purpose, and the scope that it will cover.Describe the structure of your report, outlining the argument and the points you will develop in the report.

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Global Health Challenge

This section is where you clarify in detail the global health challenge that you have chosen in the context of your chosen country. Provide relevant population statistics, data on health care outcomes, information on contributing factors, etc.This section may include relevant tables and graphs, but please choose these carefully as they should not make up the majority of your content and their relevance should be clearly explained in your text.

Discussion and implications

It is here that youcritically reflect onthe findings outlinedin previous sections of your report, to identify the implications of what you have found for the health of the country overall. You will also use this

section establishthesignificance of those findingsin relation to corresponding Australian health outcomes/status. Ultimately, the purpose of this section is to interpret the literature and data that you have explored to develop your report.


The Conclusion of a report reinforces the points raised in the body sections and ties these together to form an argument. No new ideas or evidence should be raised in this section. It should consolidate your assessment of the information available and demonstrate any gaps or problems that you have discovered.

Acceptable sources of information for this task:•

  • Professional and government websites
  • Textbooksor peer-reviewed journal articles published within the last 10 years

Unacceptable sources of information for this task:

  • •Internet blogs
  • •Social media
  • •Unattributed sources

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