NURS402/NURS412 Applied Social Science for Enrolled Nurses

Course Title Te Whakahangai Putaiao Papori / Applied Social
Science for Enrolled Nurses
Code NURS402/NURS412

Formative Learning Activities
All courses include formative learning activities to support student success. All formative activities are expected to be undertaken.

Summative Written Assignment

Purpose: Learning Outcome 1. To assess the student’s knowledge of human development theories across the lifespan and the relevance to the provision of care.
Assessment Task:
Write an assignment covering the areas outlined below. Refer to your student handbook for guidelines in assignment presentation and APA referencing.

Topic Adolescence.

An individual undergoes many changes during adolescence - a period that is interspersed with rapid developmental growth. This life-stage brings with itself a lot of excitement, however, it is not without its challenges. Family, school and peers hold an integral role in helping the adolescent to navigate this period.

Using Urie Brofenbrenner’s (1979) Ecological Theory of Development choose one of the following topics and provide three or more examples to support your discussion regarding healthy development in adolescence:

  • Body image
  • Sexuality
  • Social Media
  • Peer relationships
  • Role in the Family
  • Education
  1. Include three or more academic references from a variety of sources using APA (6th ed.)

referencing format.

  1. Assignment framework:
  • Introduction: briefly outline the content of your assignment (approximately 100 words).
  • Body of assignment: (approximately 700 - 800 words).
  • Conclusion: summarise your findings (approximately 100 words).

Word Count: 1000

Grading: This assessment is graded using the Assignment Rubric and will be made available on Moodle.

Summative Prepared Answer Exam

Purpose of This Assignment:

To assess students against learning outcomes 2, 3 and 4.

Assessment Task:

Complete a 2-hour exam consisting of then short answer and ten multi-choice questions. You have to write issues related to the content below:

  • Cultural safety in relation to nursing practice
  • Treaty of Waitangi and its relationship to professional health care
  • Socio-political impacts on health
  • Diversity and attitudinal behaviours

NURS402 Te Whakahangai Putaiao Papori/Applied Social Science for Enrolled Nurses

  • Impact of health care delivery on individuals, families/whanau and communities
  • Health promotion

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